Monday, August 31, 2009

With All The Pretty Daisies

Summer is officially over for me. Enter sad face here. I started classes today however I cannot complain because this is my last semester (finally)! Anyway my school isn't much of a fashion show but seriously even though this may sound mean I kinda enjoy sitting on the couch between classes looking at all the different "amusing" outfits that roll by. I'm telling you, if you're in a bad mood come to my school and you'll get a great laugh. Wow I'm horrible; luckily I go to commuter school & don't have many friends here or maybe it's bc I make fun of people that I have no friends there? Hmm...anyway.

I've been seeing these TopShop floral leggings all over the place and at first I was extremely iffy on them. One: I don't typically like loud prints. Two: what to pair with. But I've kind of grown a liking to them unfortunately spring has sprung and fall is heading in fast. (Two days ago it was in the 90's and today it barely broke 70, I was freezing in school.) Even though I like them I'm not really sure I'd have the balls to wear them or these. But definitely liking nontheless. I did make a rule with myself this semester that I will only buy clothes that I will actually wear. You would not believe how many things in my dresser and closet still have tags on. It's bad.

Now I need to find a good book to occupy my time on the train because clearly why would I ever read my readings for class. I like smutty trashy kind of things. I told this to my mom and she came home with a very dirty book that I'm way to embarassed to hold bc even the cover is smutty. Haha she's great.


ps-if you like food blogs..check this out just started by my bff a hardcore food lover =)


  1. omg hahha i have things that have tags on too.
    wow i thought i was the only one.
    so cool you started school you get to talk and socialize with other girls.
    i wanna go back to school too.
    anyways those leggings are so cool, i think you should get them, i think the print is not too loud.

  2. I was helping my friend pick out what she is going to wear to school tomrrow and she is weaing leggings just like these, coincidence!

  3. love that floral design.
    xx cody

  4. I love those leggings! They're a bit different but I can see their appeal.