Sunday, August 23, 2009

i said who are you? don't matter who you are

We all know by now I'm an oversized tee shirt kind of girl and that applies to my tank tops as well. I recently bought a Nirvana muscle tee in a huge size therefore the armpit cut outs are extremely low. Luckily I found that pretty little lacey bra from h&m that I swear I live in now because it's like wearing nothing (with my size I can wear nothing but sometimes errrr that's not appropriate). But I've been having some difficulty finding some more lacey little things especially in fun colors. And then there's TopShop. Why didn't I think of this before. How gorgeous are these bras? Also MAD for this fine little thing. Since I'm usually in black anyway getting these in fun colors might be exactly what I need. Plus this one from Forever21 is pretty damn cute too.

Just thought I'd add this pic in. My friend freklz asked me to make these bracelets after she sent me a pic of her little sister who just came home from camp sporting amazingly colorful wrists of beaded bracelets. So why not pretend I'm still a teenager in camp. These are friendship bracelets I made for her and myself. One of them has our initials on them. Cheesy and us! Oh & that's Essie's Shelter Island nail polish..ugh heaven.
xx bbz


  1. i love lacy light bras like these. i'm a small busted gal myself, and bras like this make me thankful for it!
    the little violet dress

  2. Those bras are gorgeous! Wish I had access to Topsho right now...
    You've just reminded me how much I miss friendship bracelets!

  3. following youuu :) thanks for the shoutout btw...glad i could be some sort of fashion inspiration in your life hahaaa i love youuu

  4. love muscle tees, i wish you would post all your things that you have bought recently=)

    those nails looks awesome!

  5. Love all those lacy little bras, I'm sure the nivana tee is rad!

  6. hah i've been looking for the perfect lacey bra as well...havent found one yet :(