Sunday, February 28, 2010

yea you walk these lonely streets and people stare

I hate Sundays. The weekend is ending and I usually wake up in the not so best shape if you know what I mean. Three hours of sleep will do that to you. These are just some pics of what I wore last night. Some rolled up trousers from my mom's closet, my harley and nine west clogs. (Feet are paying for that now.) Originally opted for an oversized white button down but switched last minute to the tee. Got a questioning eye from mum before I left but then my favorite saying "it's you." And that's most important right?
Last week of press preview; crunch time. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor

Damn I'm tired of my mug. But wanted to show you guys another pair of earrings I wore home from the office by the same designer from the last post. They're big rhinestone-ish hoops. I am so not an earrings person, usually sticking to my studs, but I've been trying them out. Add a little funk to my plain outfits of oversized sweaters, leggings and combat boots. Although I can't wear fake earrings for too long before they begin to hurt. I guess my ears are just spoiled for the gold ;).
Also aren't these sunglasses pretty badass? The other day I placed an order from f21 for nothing in particular (one of those nights where I just ordered any cute little thing I saw) and bought these. I hadn't even seen the Wang version (above) before I bought them. Hope they look as cute in person when they get here.
Happy wknd. NYC is currently buried in 2 feet of snow and I'm enjoying it considering I had no where to be today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

no wise words gonna stop the bleeding

Press preview continues which is getting a great response but my fingers may fall off from the excessive emails typed on my bberry. It's all good. Glad you guys liked some of the products from the last post. I took some vain pics wearing a pair of our client's earrings. They're beads and spikes. Pretty damn cool and were just shot for Monday's NYPost with two credits. Not bad. Also wearing my fave harley tee that I got on ebay a while ago and is full of holes which makes me love it even more. Also dyed my hair for the first time the other day. Did it out of a bottle. I'm one of those that needs instant results so I never would have gone through with it if I actually waited to "get my hair done". I went darker but chickened out with the black. Regret it. Next time going for black. Now I actually like that I'm pale with the dark locks. Hair Dye Junkie here I come.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

don't forget my lipstick, I left it in your ashtray

I'm really crazy about a.o's look at The Row fashion show. I love the whole covered up, comfy look. And plus it's grey and black. Who needs color. I feel like if I tried it I'll just look sloppy, but hey it's all about confidence right?

Plus the look works here too. Seriously considering whipping out my maxi skirt. And damn I love that tan shearling.

We had our first week of the press preivew and it's going great. Snapped some photos of the set up & some of my fave pieces on my phone. But promise to take better pics when I bring my camera in next week.

The wall of bags.
Sick pair of mohawk earrings.

A tree of earrings.

The two coolest rings. I swear I'm in my own personal hell with all the cool jewelry. "Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

Promise for better pictures soon and links for everything once it's all done. And these pictures show nothing compared to what we actually have in the office.
xx happy weekend

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

said I used to think the past was dead and gone

Press Preview officially kicked off yesterday and now I'm home while things are still mellow before more appointments with editors start rolling in. I was browsing through some old pics & was inspired by kstew's Interview Mag photoshoot. I guess when inspiration hits, you roll with it. So I had a little fun of my own whipping out my deep red lipstick, plastic wrap, & ripping models' faces to shreds from mags to find perfect sized lips.

Mmm...those babies belong to me (not that juicy in real life...damn).

My source of inspiration. Obviously I'm not as cool. But I take pride in the fact that I'm admittedly uncool.

Yesterday in between appts, the girls and I were discussing the fashion bloggers rise (they know I have a blog) and I woke up this am with an email from one of them with the subject "WWD must have overheard us yesterday" (we have a spy) & then this LINK. It's an article about the fashion bloggers' new fame & their attendance at fashion week. It's pretty damn awesome/ridiculous. Now all I want to do is pimp out my blog. I do understand both sides, considering I'm a blogger & my boss is a former editor. But I'm one all for change & look forward to see where bloggers end up.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I'm allergic to vagina"

Mmm...feast and enjoy on this delicious new photoshoot of rpatz for Details magazine. I have never wanted to be a nude model as much as I do now from seeing these photos. I'm just happy these photos finally show him as a "grown up" not a damn 17 year old (vampire). Plus I'm digging the leather and mesh outfits the models are wearing in some pictures. Very sexy.

Crazy about the effect of this one. Oh and the title refers to a quote from rob in the interview. I love his sense of humor (he was referring to being with the nude models for 12 hours) and I think I'd be able to get rid of that allergy. Just saying ;)
Sorry for lack of posts...we're prepping for our Fall 2010 Press Preview for fashion week. Except ours will be three weeks long in the office as opposed to a hotel like last season. So these next few weeks will be filled with appointments with editors. Plus I love that so many of you were digging the jumper. If you're interested my mom has an ebay store where I usually give her a bunch of my shit to sell and she has all these vintagey kinds of jumpers on sale there too. Go to Caramias Collection for some of my stuff and my moms. She's constantly adding more shit..a pair of my lace up boots are up for sale there that I posted about a while back.
rip McQueen.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

baby is a bad boy with some retro sneakers

My mom walked in my room this morning holding this retro navy blue with teal and purple flower patterned sweater. It was a major laughfest this am bc her friend gave it her after finding it buried in her closet to sell on ebay. It's super soft so right now it's keeping me warm while I watch the snowfall outside. Is it weird that I almost find the pattern somewhat endearing? Trying to see if I can work with it or just let it become one of my many inhouse sweatshirts.

Also right now on Gilt one of our clients is having a major sale. Her name is Amanda Rudey and she is the sweetest person ever and makes gorgeous fine jewelry including the big flower ring above. Whenever I want simple pretty pieces, I always go through her stuff. And her website is 20% off if you get the code from Also another one of our clients is having a giveaway on handbag dujour. It's Zara Terez and it's a sick bag & who doesn't love free stuff. Click away. I'm such a pimp whore right now.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

i ain't got no fight in me

It's been about two years since I first left home and moved to Italy for four months. I'm kind of in the reminiscing mood and was going through all my old pictures. It's funny to see how much of me has changed and how much has stayed the same. Definitely had some questionable fashion choices in the mix including a pair of yellow moccassins I had to have from one of the few vintage stores along the Arno. It cracks me up. I love the two pictures above. My old friend and I climbed over a bridge to overlook the water. People would climb it to watch the sunset and drink wine. I'm too clumsy to drink wine and climb. The pictures seem so long ago yet also like it was yesterday at the same time. I even know what's in that blue bag after I had a little shopping spree that day. I bought a Missoni scarf for my mom since she loved my hot pink and blue one and managed to find her a black and white one. Love Missoni scarves. Hmm love those days.

Ugh and seriously miss Paris as well when I went there for a weekend with the bff. Can't wait till I'll be able to go back to there hopefully in warmer weather.

Again thank you all for supporting my fan page. I'm almost at 200 fans. =) Hope everyone had a good weekend. I definitely did. It included booze, random boys and aerial dancers. Success. I opted for comfort as usual and wore a Nirvana tee with my Dana Buchman blazer and f21 necklace (and wore my hair up for once which I never do). Er wore a sick top from Urban. See through lace..mmm. I swear we had other friends out with us (including my sister) but we are what we call "wanderers". We tend to migrate (hence random boys).


Friday, February 5, 2010

skies they blink at me, i see a storm bubbling from the sea

I'm so crazy about these photos from Adam Kimmel's Fall/Winter (source of photos: Jak and Jill). They're the perfect amount of freak and creepy and anything that strays from normal is perfect in my eyes. I may have nightmares from the masks but so worth it. And thank you all so much for your support about the fanpage. It means a lot to me. Fan number keeps keep it up. Happy weekend everyone! Nyc is expecting a snow storm. I hope not, don't want to be stuck in all wknd. Also just saw Dear John. I read the book earlier in the week & absolutely hated the female character (and ending). The movie changed the ending which I can't decide if it's better than the books. Overall conclusion of the movie/book: 1) Channing Tatum is hot and surprising very good in the role 2) Nicholas Sparks...kinda a dud. But I'm a sap so yeah I cried at one part during the movie.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tuesday I made a fan page for the pr firm I work for. It's a joke between us there calling me "social media guru" since I follow a ton of blogs and what not. So while we still work on my position it is. Anyway, I thought I'd link you guys to our fan page that I've been working pretty hard on. You can see what it is exactly we do and all of our clients. I had a goal yesterday that our first official day public on facebook, we could get 100 followers by the end of the day...and I'm stoked to say we did! So please become a fan of b'squared & friend me if you'd like! The website of our clients are posted and I'm telling you, you will definitely be sure to fall in love with some amazing jewelry and handbags. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!