Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Make Me Dizzy

A lazy Sunday after an EXTREMELY late night out leads to some fun DIYing. I've been seeing from some other bloggers including some on Chictopia the DIY sharpie Chanel tee and after seeing Luxenoir's post on her creation I gave it a go. It was fairly except the sharpie really made me dizzy after a while =/ I took a Hanes tee, cut the neck and just traced using two separate size bowls. I ripped several holes all over the shirt at the end just because I felt like it =).

Sorry didn't feel like using my camera so I opted for my laptop's cam. Fuzzy but whatever and excuse the messiness that is my room. (Plus the messiness that is last night's hair.)


  1. you look greeaaat !
    perfect tee shirt

    i'll be back , you have a lovin blog

  2. wow, it looks awesome, i love when people do diys
    its so much fun, i need to do that too, for some reason every attempt comes out crappy for me hahhah
    but this looks AMAZING!!!

  3. Great idea! I need to get into the whole DIY thing too. It looks like fun. :)

  4. Oo, now I want to try this, I'll give it a go and tell you how it ends out!

  5. I might do this.

    (Usually my diys end in pieces of fabric lying on the floor, but this seems easy enough even for me!)