Sunday, September 26, 2010

run away as fast as you can

Ended my week with another incredible event (hopefully on event hiatus for a bit) and probably the best star spotting of all the events together. Le sigh Jack Dawson. Yea I nearly fainted with that one. But anyway just some pics from the past two weeknds with erica and marley...duh. Nothing too exciting except that I tossed the red from my hair and am back to black (although I wanted dark brown but whatever). Fun fun fun times with the chicks.

This is another night. See black hair. And my lack of effort to get dressed resulting in going out in a denim button down and baggy black silk shorts. Fuck it. I liked it. Saw wall street 2 today. Pretty cool spotting my client in the film with a bit part.
xx hope all had a good wknd

Monday, September 20, 2010

addicted to them hoodrats

Yeah remember me? No? Whatever. Had to go a bit mia bc of a crazy fashion week. Had four major events. But it's ovaaaaaa! Hallemothafuckinglujah! Although that doesn't mean the work and events stop. I needed this wknd to sleep and I didn't. I'm delirious with the lack of sleep and want to crawl away and hide. Don't get me wrong my events were pretty sick and it's super cool that I was a part of them....hello taking shots with vinny chase....but I'm worn out. Soon back to normal. For now...peace out.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

beggin on my knees

I don't know where to begin describe my past few nights. As you all know fashion week kicked off in nyc last week. My company and I participated in two MAJOR events that were so unbelievably cool that I can't believe I was a part of them. One was double C dinner with very special guests (I won't say the actual names of the events but you can figure it out) including KL. The people I've met, I will never forget. There was one point I had to have 3 bodyguards on me bc people were trying to get past me and my list. Overwhelming but amazing. On friday I had another event that was more rock n' roll for our clients magazine launch. Took shots of tequila with models, socialites and actors (including one that plays an actor on very popular hbo show).

I didn't take any pics but here's a shitty one of Iggy performing. Seriously how fucking awesome! We were sprayed with champagne and he jumped in the crowd to surf. I can't believe this was technically me working. I have two more events this week for my clients. So it's not over yet. Didn't get home until 4am each night but so worth it. Makes all the hard work we put in pay off.

Oh and figured I'd show some new shit I've been buying including these spectacular shoes that I immediately ordered from f21. Surprisingly, I have a few pairs of shoes from there and none hurt me feet like some of my expensive shoes.

Also came home to this baby. A good way to end the week. So I hope you understand why I'm so mia with my job. It's bc of these insane events we're putting together. But it's so rewarding Btw if you haven't figured out my event from thursay night...just look at my present. ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

grabbed my coat and i was freaking

I did some damage today....and it felt good. Did some shopping because no one wanted to hang out with me. I'm finally home with nothing to do and no one wants to be friend. Who the fuck am I kidding. I'd rather shop anyway. Bought some great pieces for fall including these black and white oversized sweaters. It's the same sweater but I had to get both colors bc they're super soft. From h&m. Found a pair of amazing trousers there as well. Also got some more pieces from gap and f21 including a pair of green cargo jeans. Can't wait to wear everything. Need to rest up this week starts soon & I have five events I'm hosting. They're going to be massive & I can't wait to tell you guys who shows up...hint? One event is for the double c logo & I'm sure you all know who's top dog there. ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

all my life i wanted to be someone

We meet again. Hope everyone is having a good wknd. Mine's been relaxing. Decided to forego the booze for reading & watching movies in bed. Plus get my tan on since we had beautiful weather this weekend. Meh summer's almost over. Also just got back from the movies with my mom, dad and lil jose. Saw Last Exorcism. I love all those bullshit, semi scary movies. Just entertainment for me. Plus Eli Roth produced it & who doesn't love Bear Jew? You all better know who Bear Jew is. Just saying. Anyway, just playing in my room in my fave f21 sun dress (actually my only sundress bc why on earth would I of all people own more than one). It's pretty. Not me. But I still love it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

now I don't hardly know her

Clearly someone needs to do a little shopping. Aka me. Hanging out before bedtime browsing topshop. Can you see the theme? Yeah thought so. There's so many amazing knits on the site...I can't wait to get my hands on well as my next paycheck ;). And I love the tapered trousers. I definitely want to pair them with one of the knits and my oxford shoes. Perfect fall looks. But I will admit...I am not ready for it. It was barely 70 in the city today. WTF! It's August dude. Reality check right there. Where's everyone shopping for their chunky knits? You know I'm one for discovering new things.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

i can't be saved

I'm bored. And that makes me really happy. I finally have a second to breathe and just sit in my bed and not do anything. Aka be silly with photobooth. Silly or vain? I'm not really sure. But I'm fully enjoying these moments by myself without anyone yapping in my ear. Would have been better if it were sunny outside...but this will do. Once I can pick up a new routine I'll get back into the swing of things. All I've been buying lately are books so nothing new to show. And I refuse to take any sort of picture of my outfit during the week bc that's how drained I am when I get home. Anyway....

This will surely be in my life soon. Perfect for fall. But not sure how topshop jacket sizes still waiting to order. I'm too lazy to go to the store. Meh. Happy mother ******* weekend. =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i know just how to feel

Can we please take a second to look at the epicness of how cool these shoes are? Yea...I mean. I need. And want to know the best damn part? They're both from f21! Under 20 bucks. I mean. The color of the boots are to die for and the coolness of the flats are epic. I just picture dirty skinny british rock n roll dudes wearing them. Which obviously means I need them and want to look like a dirty british rock n roll dude. I mean who doesn't? Right? Just me?...hmm. Ok my wknd consisted of too much feasting, booze & unnecessary large stamps on my hand. Back to nap.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

your eyes are sparkling with teenage fire

So good a new job. Bad news....that means I'm exhausted and will probably continue to suck at blogging. But rest assured I'm not letting this baby go that easily. I fully intend to keep up with my blog. Maybe a wknd thing..nighttime thing. Who knows. I just started so we'll see how everything plays out. Anyway...had a relaxing wknd that ended with a day spent by the pool at my aunt/uncle's. Beers and bbq. Perfect way to start the new week.

Yours truly.

Mal had to stay on the float the whole time considering her foot was taped in a bag due to her surgery earlier that week. Although she seriously does not look like someone who just had surgery.

Aw Georgie in the background. And there you have my brother & sister aka 'the twins' aka 'the kids' that I don't think I've shown on the blog. They're cute. And yes they really are twins. Hope everyone's doing well.

Friday, August 6, 2010

never said i wanted to improve my station

Just some things I'm diggin' lately & thought I'd share. I want to live in that sweater all winter long. Damn why am I even thinking of winter considering it's a suana outside? But yes...oversized (possibly colorful) knits are in my future.

Two amazing outfits. Although brown is not particularly flattering on me..I'm into this outfit. Probably try something out in black although I own nothing of the sort. Yea I need to shop.

And this...well just because. Started out as a crazy week. My sister had to have an emergency run to the hospital after our orthopedist found something off in her foot that was causing her pain. This led my uncle (an oncologist) calling for an emergency mri and biopsy. Luckily during the biopsy they were able to rule out needing any bone marrow. Which then led to the discovery that whatever it is (I will never be able to learn the medical term I hear going back btw my dad & uncle) is benign. She's stuck on crutches for a bit & has some pain but it could've been worse. Also I got some good news which I will eventually share. So the week's ending on a good note.
xx happy wknd

Monday, August 2, 2010

you must obey or you will bleed

Went out with the girls sat night and wore this LnA muscle tee tank with a white lace cami underneath. The cami is from h&m in the underwear section...not even five bucks. Perfect for that underneath touch. I just paired it with my black scalloped UO black shorts. Easy comfortable outfit. And yes that's a shitload of sillybands on my wrist. I'm five years old. Had a really shitty week and this one isn't starting off any better but hey guess I have to be optimistic. Anyway...b'squared (the firm I was working for) is currently looking for a fall intern. So if any of you are interested in learning fashion pr & love accessories let me know and I'll put in a good word for you. I highly recommend it...guaranteed an amazing experience.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

be my baby

Bad bad blogger. I know. I swear I'll get back into the swing of things...eventually. I'm just in one of those moods you know? I've been kinda stuck in my books lately. Blame my reading from keeping me away. But I did a little shopping today. Ended up with an amazing casual blazer from Club Monaco for fall and way too much chocolate from Godiva. I swear those chocolate covered strawberries and macaroons will be the death of me. I cannot move.

I'm just in love with her outfit. I think it's the pants.

No questions asked.

I dig Caroline's outfit. I love the awkward length of the skirt with the ankle boots. I can see my self chopping up my maxi skirt to this length come Fall. Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I'll put together some outfits soon.


Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm a fool for misery

Wawa...I'm a horrible blogger as of late. Things were a bit hectic so I kind of abandoned my laptop for some time. Plus I just came back from a weekend in the hamptons. Had a good time with my sister and her friends. It pretty much consisted of pool, sweat, beer showers, smiley face stickers, meatheads & more sweat. Oh and I just came home, mind you I showered 2x and found another smiley face sticker embedded on my back. Ha.

Clearly my sister her bff are in love.

Can you tell which is my sister? Everyone obviously figured we were sisters from our smiles. But.....everyone thought I was older =( Whatever, I'm never getting older. Btw I'm on the end sitting with the beer and my sister is next to me in the aviators. I promise to be a better blogger.


Monday, July 19, 2010

forget the ones you love

Today I had a quarter-life crisis. The sad part is is that I haven't even reached the "quarter" part in my life yet. Humph. Well to make up for the shitty days my favorite photograph Moni posted a new set of photos on JohnnysBird. And the best part? The model this time was one of my favorite bloggers, Sandy. Posted a few of my favorite from the shoot including Sandy posing in from of the Sick store in london. Ugh I need to go asap. And obviously my favorite photo? Clearly the rob pattinson poster. Le sigh. Oh and saw Inception this weekend. Sick!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

you may fall, i don't mind

My first attempt at a collage. The stupid website logo stuck but whatever this is my first time being tech savvy and you know that's not saying much. These are some cab pics of my and the girls from sat night. Yea not really outfit pics but I did wear a plain black tube top and harem pants. I know I suck at outfit pics when I actually go out. I never take pics..these are not mine (thanks er!). Went shopping yesterday which I haven't done in so long since online shopping became my boyfriend. Didn't get much; just a UO sweater and an h&m BABY BLUE bandage skirt. Yup I said baby blue. It's so pretty. I'm the idiot that forgot to go to AA so another trip asap.
xx happy wknd.

Monday, July 12, 2010

want my time- i'm willing yeah

Two new rompers in the mail today and this is one of them. Not an ounce of black. I'm proud. It's navy and it's got that cool tribal print going on. What's great about it is that on each shoulder you can untie the knots in the straps to make it as tight or as loose as you want. And the back falls a little lower than the front. Of course pockets just seal the deal. By the way a few asked what color I dyed my hair...unfortunately you cannot see in these pics bc I'm the worst photog ever. But I dyed it red. It's pretty red on top but since my ends were still pretty black the color didn't hold as much. My hair is kinda ombre right now. I dig it. Especially when the light catches it. It's very different for me. Hopefully I'll come up with some pics to show it.