Saturday, August 15, 2009

...and irrevocably in love with him

AHHH!!! A few posts back I mentioned that I've been entering a Twilight giveaway by Chickdowntown. Well the prize is a BB Dakota jacket that Bella wore in the film and all you had to do to be entered was answer a daily twitter question. Well my friends after many attempts & many questions answered I finally won!! I never win anything so I'm so so so stoked! Today's question was what do you like to do for fun on the weekends? My answer: "I'm in my 20's but I still like to go to the movies with my dad on the wknds, it's been tradition since I was a kid and I'll never get too old for my dad." (I swear it's the truth and I even saw District 9 today with him...btw pretty awesome.) So yup I won and can't wait to get it!
Now if only it came with my own personal Edward Cullen.
Oh cheesy photo of me admiring me new tattoo. Hmmm just kidding, it's one of those peel and soak with water ones you get when you're a kid. I will never grow up. I got bored last night before getting ready to go out for a birthday party and found a bunch of these tats. Plus I wore my Division E black tee last night that hangs off the shoulder so I thought it'd be cute. It's a star with wings. =)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Follow @chickdowntown on twitter to enter the contest. It's a 100 day giveway and I think they're up to 30 something. And follow me too @alexaRkopel.