Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peek A Boo

(photo: justjared)
I'm pretty sure it's just me but when I go out at night I tend to never wear blue jeans because I never feel like I'm dressed up. I have a ton of jeans yet never seem to wear them out (unless during the day). I'm sure it has to do with my weird obsession of not having too many colors on in one outfit. Ie: color cardigan, color tank, color shoes and then the blue jeans. Even though I know blue jeans shouldn't count because they are a staple, it's just my weird thing. That's probably why I always stick to wearing all black because I'm extremely neurotic. Anyway today I had the sudden urge that I NEED to have skinny black jeans. I own several pairs (inlcuding one of my favorites by Paige Denim) but I don't really have the perfect black skinnies. And since the closest thing to my house is the mall which the only decent store it has is F21, I resorted to that.

Usually when I go to my mall looking for something in particular I never get it so I was surprised when I ended up buying the PERFECT black ripped skinny jeans. These are them online but they don't look nearly as sloppy as they do in that picture on. I have them also in white but in a size too big but I was desperate (& didn't want to spend a lot on white jeans bc with my dirtyness who knows how long they'd last). But I got them in the right size and am considering slashing the knees more like I did on my whites on.

I also went to H&M where I never usually find anything I like. But I was recently looking at Fashion Toast's blog & she was discussing the types of bras she wears & I fell in love with the idea of a lacey non wire triangle bra. Especially since I've been buying a few tee shirts that are low cut and wouldn't look right with regular bras. (I'm small busted so I can pull off the non support thing which is actually what I love.) And lo and behold I find an adorable lace triangle bra in the store for 13 bucks. Can't go wrong. And it actually does give me a little support. So for once I'm extremely pleased with my purchases from the mall. Plus my mum bought me a chocolate covered strawberry from favorite.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good week although the humidity in nyc is horrendous, my hair is one big frizzball. But the other night I had such a blast with my girlfriends. We went to see this British musician named Bobby Long (he co wrote a song for the Twilight soundtrack) at a bar in the city and he was sooooo amazing (& sexy). I've learned to appreciate going to local bars and listening to music rather than mainstream stuff. It's way more fun. Hoping to discover more cool artists.

xx bbz

Monday, July 27, 2009

Caution: Lack Of Sleep

Lately I haven't been sleeping very well. I go to bed at a decent time but just lie there awake. I feel like my mind is constantly running on overdrive except for the fact that I have no idea what is keeping my mind racing. Hmm maybe I just need a shrink =). Anyway this not being able to sleep thing has made me develop a worse vice...compulsive online shopping. I shouldn't complain I like when I get new things but when my dad sees the bill hmmm.

So after last night's online shopping I ended up with an email this morning alerting me that my items have been shipped. I ordered from one of my favorite online shops, Boutique To You, this Wildfox sweater. I've been eyeing it for a while and I guess now was the time to order. I also ordered this by Division E which I said in a previous post I would order but last night I finally got around to doing it.

Anyone else have weird late night habits? My mom sometimes eats in her sleep. Crap I hope she doesn't read this post =) Love ya mom number one fan!

Friday, July 24, 2009

You Are My Life Now

So yesterday I was completely caught up in Comic Con 2009 for one reason only: New Moon. Sorry it's such a guilty pleasure for me at this point I can't even help it. I watched every video from the press conference and the panel and was completely satisfied with my accomplishments of the day. Rpatz left nyc (and me) behind and headed to San Diego and reunited with the entire Twilight cast and even made appearances at several theaters showing the film. Um this is the point where extreme jealousy kicks in.

Oh well, the questions were lame and overall pretty boring but anything involving him I'll clearly watch. He looked as cute as ever (no surprise) and as much as I really adore Kristen Stewart and her badass attitude I could not believe how she looked yesterday. At least try to look somewhat presentable when in front of a large crowd. (Like the Mtv Awards cute hair, cute dress cute, kicks.) I understand totally not caring when during an ordinary day (hello I'm the epitome of not caring whatsoever) but this is a major photo op. I don't know maybe that's just me. At least Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen looked absolutely fab in a bubblegum pink dress.

Anyway I'm totally crushing over Jules Smith New Moon collection. I've always loved her jewelry but this necklace is freaking cool. Even if it wasn't for New Moon I would have to get my hands on it, can't wait till it comes out.

ps-shoutout to you have no excuse not read this. Love ya girl!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spin Me Right Round Baby

Well hello there. Look what I found. I recently posted about stalking someone on fb that was wearing the most adorable striped black and white leggings. These may not be traditional horizontal striped but I'm loving the geometrical print. And where did I find these you ask? Well none other than the uber fabulous Forever21. Um come on now they are only $9.80. Pretty awesome.

And then keeping up with my browsing the website I found this skirt too. I think it's pretty damn cool. I'm really just falling in love with wearing black and white together. I've been so stuck in my all black phase this is kind of refreshing yet clearly it is something that is so not new.

Definitely want to check out the store first before I order. I already want to order this tee by Division E in black (obviously) and pair it with those leggings because of the fact that it's baggy (hello Nicole Richie is wearing it and shes preggers) and it's long. Perfect.

It's the simple things that make my day. I think that says something about my uneventful summer. But I'm hoping to get a friend to tag along with me to go see this guy play a show at bar this weekend. His name is Bobby Long, he's british and plays some cool music. So there something other than clothes to look forward too. ;)

xx bbz

Monday, July 20, 2009

If I Were A Boy...well

Ok so when I was living in Italy, one of my last few days there my friends and I were roaming the streets and I found this adorable little shop that sold all kinds of cool clothes and shoes. And from what I can remember I swear I saw these exact same pair of Clarks in several colors. I fell in love immediately, my friends however did not and I thought I should trust their judgement. So I opted out of the sale.

Now lately I've been seeing Clarks all around (mainly just guys, including these but hey I don't care if they're meant for guys I love 'em). My fam thinks I'm a little weird because I want them so badly but I love them. I think they would be perfectly matched with dark blue skinnies when Fall rears it's ugly face but also with a big chunky knit sweater. Wow I can't believe I'm thinking about my Fall/Winter wardrobe already. Anyway, I'm not sure what size I'd order because I don't know how they run and well they are mens. If anyone knows do share. And what are your feelings on them?

Look at Ashley Olsen wearing a similar pair to the ones I like but according to the website hers are Hogan which I can't seem to find anyway. Oh and lesson of the day...don't always listen to your friends. ;) I'm learning to trust my own judgement.

ps-so far still haven't one the Bella jacket. Damn and I thought my answers were getting good. Check out Chickdowntown on twitter to enter as well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Most of you know my new favorite thing to do is tweet. I never thought I'd be the type to follow along with this fad...I really just didn't get it at first. Like why would people want to know what I was doing at all times? I'm not that popular...well a little popular. JK =). Anyway, since twitter has become my new obsession I started following all sorts of people (and luckily have been getting some random cool followers too...I have no idea how they find me, it's such a weird little cyber world). I'm following Chickdowntown on twitter now and they're having a giveaway for 100 days and the winner gets this adorable BB Dakota jacket. Not to mention it's the one Bella Swan wore in Twilight. Um hello, we all know by now that clearly I would have to enter.

There's a question tweeted everyday and the winner is chosen that evening. Now I'm hoping I win! I don't ever win things so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. What are all your feelings on twitter? Anyway hope everyone is having a good weekend. My mum right now is a charity event in the city and Paul McCartney is there. How awesome? Getting ready now to go to one of my fave Mexican restaurants. Enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Jump, I Jump

Don't you just love Titanic? Although the Celine Dion's song is disgustingly annoying it's so addictive. Anyway, my best friend has decided to leave me for a full month. Like hello is spending a month in Greece really that much more fun that hanging in nyc with moi? Ok don't answer. Yesterday we made a little picnic in central park. I swear our eyes are ginormous because we brought so much food. Two sandwiches, french fries, a fruit platter, large bag of pretzels, munster cheese (my new fave), two giant chocolate chip cookies. We stayed hydrated with two cans of coke and two water bottles. All in all us being really full.

We burned off the calories (not intentionally) when my bff decided to do "jumping pictures." She's a camera whore so I don't even complain anymore I just hand it over. We came out with such fun pictures especially when we figured out the self timer and were able to get photos of the two of us jumping in mid air. We got some major air in some shots. One of my jumps off a rock, I made a major face plant but luckily landed on my good knee (phew).

It was such a beautiful day and so much fun. It was a nice change of pace from laying out. I forgot how much I love central park and don't take advantage of it. Now I will. I wore a Wildfox tee, f21 shorts, Rayban Wayfarers and GoJane sandals. My bff wore f21 top and shorts and GoJane sandals as well.

(my attempt at being a buddah mid-air)

Gonna miss ya lil ak =(

Monday, July 13, 2009

Take It To The Wild

Bored at home now after running a couple of errands with my popz, resorted to a little bit of facebook stalking. Not really into fb as much anymore because my new addiction is twitter. It's bad. Anyway upon browsing through some friends of friends of friends pictures (yup that bored) I saw a pic of a girl wearing what at first I thought to be totally weird but am now loving horizontal striped leggings. Now secretly wishing I was friends with this said girl just so I can my hands on those leggings.

I found these from American Apparel but they are more zebra print so I'm still ehh on whether or not I'd get them (or if I'd even have the balls to wear 'em). Still hoping I can find the ones that girl was wearing and would post a picture of it but err fear of her friends friend of a friend finding this then I'd feel a tad weird. We shall see how it plays out, or if any of you know any cool leggings that I'm talking about.

I used to depise horizontal stripes bc to me they just scream let's see how wide we can make ak look. I've slowly moved on to really liking big bold b&w stripes on a tee and now recently bought a b&w striped mini skirt (actually it's really a tube top but hey tube top mini skirt...same thing). Waiting for a night to wear it out with a black v-neck one of these days.

Now just rambling, hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh got confirmation that my Trash & Luxury shirt has been shipped. Finally. Follow my on twitter if you think I'm interesting =).


Friday, July 10, 2009


I've discovered a new favorite brand. My most recent love affair has been with Whitehorse/Wildfox, which I still love for the worn in feel of their tops, but now I've found Trash & Luxury. First of all, hello that name is kinda awesome. Second of all most of the tops seem to be made oversized which clearly screams my name. I had been searching for this one top of theirs that I've seen around on people but couldn't seem to find it. It says on the front "Makeup Not War". I don't know kinda cheesy yet very cute. Well luckily I found it on eBay and half the price (even though the brand's not really expensive to begin with).

The shirt hasn't arrived yet but I'll let you know what I think of it when it does. Sorry but the woman who sold it on eBay was a total bitch...I won the auction on July 4th but it's not being shipped till Monday. I HATE waiting. Anyway I found this one on Karmaloop and I think it's way cool. What do you guys think of the brand?

Oh and guess what? My mum, my sister and I went to dinner last night at my fave thai place in Brooklyn and what do I see down the block? Yup Remember Me filming (Rob Pattinson's movie). I told my mum we had to stop but I wasn't pushing my luck since I had seen him once before outside where I live. But I waited for about 20 mins in a small crowd of girls who were totally respectful and got an ehhh picture. Disappointing he once again didn't stop to take decent pics (and yes I know he's working but he was done for the day) since not one girl screamed but ehh he's still unbelievably gorgeous. Still got love for ya rpatz!

So there I leave you with my pic of him. Oh and I swear I'm not a stalker...really was coincidental. I love nyc.

xx enjoy the weekend

ps:one of the pa's from the set told my mum that this movie is all no plastic water bottles and only hybrids...thought that was pretty cool.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Keep Ya Head On I finally feel better. Still a little stuffed up and gots me a nasty cough but I don't feel dead and have to stay in bed all day so I'll take it. My way of celebrating this? Catching up on my rays. It is brutally hot today in the city but I laid out for a solid two hours. Should have gone to the beach. Oh well. So since I've been kind of dead these past few days I haven't done a thing and definitely have no new outfits to share. (Not like I share that many anyway.)

Anway I kinda decided to stop washing my hair so often (is that gross) because I have really thin and fine hair and I swear I have this fear that it's falling out. I'm like Mean Girls: I look in the mirror stare at my hair...My hairline sucks! Sorry I really love that movie =). But since my hair is super thin it gets greasy twice as fast but lately I've been kind of obsessing over hats. I never thought I could be a hat person but they really are the easiest solution.

My favorite at the moment are oversized beanies. I made one myself several months ago out of an old sweater by cutting off the hood and just stitching the seam. It's actually really cute and I wore it to death during the winter. I recently ordered this one from Topman in black. I love it. Plus it was only 15 bucks and free shipping. Hello??!!

I'm also still loving fedoras. Even though I have yet to find one I like (or fits my head...blush), I'm kind of diggin this one from Forever21 (pic above). Simple and classic, no crazy colors involved which I like.

So what are your hair solutions? I used to love headbands but after dissecting the fact that I don't like my hairline I have up (blushes again). Hope everyone had a happy 4th!
xx smile

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been horribly sick for the past three days. Seriously bed all day, so achy where I can't even move. The worst. I'm starting to get a little better but afraid that this illness will put a damper on my July 4th plans. =(

I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July! This holiday always makes me think of being in Disney hah. Wish I was at the Magic Kingdom right now. (Unfortunately bed is that kingdom now.) I already hear my neighbors getting an early start to the celebrations. Every year I sit on my street corner for the beginning of the night with my dad and watch my neighbors set off their own fireworks (yup illegal). Then we usually walk over the bay and watch the Macy's Fireworks Spectacular. I have a fascination with fireworks; they are so beautiful.

Enjoy the long weekend. What's everyones plans?