Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Child

Yesterday I got burnt on the beach, actually my lips got burnt, so I opted out of another beach day for a trip with my mum to the Aqueduct Racetrack flea market. I really don't consider it a flea market; it's more of a dollar store just outdoors. Basically it has a TON of crap. But I went last summer and actually got some really cute things. Even though it was extremely hot today my mum and I walked around browsing through all the nonsense and found a vintage clothing stand. All I bought was this Phillipe Adec grey blazer (in photos) for 1 dollar. Everything on the racks was just a buck. Unfortunately I was so hot and uncomfortable I would have thrown a fit if my mum made me try on one more jacket. I'll regret it later.

But I really love this blazer because it's not so oversized like I'm used to wearing. I'm actually excited for a little bit of cool weather to wear this with my black ripped skinnies. Plus I finally applied for an internship for the fall (yup I'm way off my game) and this blazer would definitely be work safe especially considering the BIG name I'm in the process of interviewing for. I don't want to say it bc then I'll just be bummed if I don't get it.
Anyway we also bought some Murano glass rings. I've never liked them and my mum has always had a grudge against me for never buying a bunch of them when I lived in Italy. But finally she found some pretty ones & I even found one I like. (Too bad it doesn't come out so cute in photo.) Even though we didn't buy that much we made up for it in snow cones and funnel cake. Yumz!
Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. A BIG name, hmmm TeenVogue, if so good luck! Everyone else always finds deals, i just don't, sad.!

  2. omg girl, i want that jacket, you look so cool !!
    looks awesome on you too!!!

    much love