Monday, November 30, 2009

i want your crazy

I started working on a new DIY yesterday. Haven't finished it yet because my fingers were killing me and I don't use a sewing machine. My mom has this crazy closet in the house that's full of crafty things. Seriously you'll fund everything and anything. And literally on spur of the moment I wanted to update an old oversized sweater so I found already sewn strips of sequins. I just sewed them on in strips.
So far with one shoulder it looks pretty cool. I'm really digging the fact that it's white sequins so it really stands out. After trying it on my mom said I should put shoulder pads in it. And what do you know she whipped out old pads she's saved (can't tell you why) and some velcro. Now my old sweater is bedazzled and padded. Hoping to finish it sometime this week. Unfortunately finals are approaching so I'm on a time crunch. But that means graduation in 2 weeks...
None of my packages came yet so because of my impatience did a little bit of shopping. Bought the ring in the picture in multicolor that I just ordered in a solid color. The multicolor is cheesy but I figured I'd double it with the solid one when it gets here.
Just happy to have a double ring =). Wearing Essie Loophole polish (silver) with Essie Carnival over it. It's a clear with a ton of sparkles (you can't see it). I put it on top to make the silver look a little less space cadet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

When'd this just become a mortal home?

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Ate a lot and pretty much died after. First time in a long time it was held at my house with just the six of us and I really enjoyed it. Not having to get dressed and everyone eat in pj's is a perfect evening for me. As well as drinking bottled sangria with our own fresh cut fruit plus the fact that we catered in this huge dinner..doesn't get better. And now all I want to do is lay in bed all day long (which I've been doing anyway) and cuddle. Yet I'm also anxiously listening for the doorbell for a package I ordered from F21. Oh I wouldn't be caught dead attempting to shop on Black Friday. Sorry no sale is worth the beating I'd have to hash out to all the crazy hyperactive shoppers. Bed and browsing online is way more fulfilling. Yet dangerous since there are plenty of BF sales online too. So far I've been going through my favorites and there are defnitely good deals that you should check out.
Chickdowntown, BoutiqueToYou, and Singer22.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady In Red

Had my uncle's wedding this weekend which wa sbasically my first wedding unless you include my aunt's wedding when I was one (exactly to the was on my first bday..yea obviously my mom wasn't too thrilled about that.) It was Jewish ceremony at a beautiful temple in the city. They actually had an orthodox ceremony which was not what they wanted but when does anything go exactly according to plan? Yea never. This was the second wedding for my uncle and my new aunt and we're very happy to have her join the family. She had told me about her dress beforehand but watching her walk down the aisle took everyone's breath away because she hadn't told anyone her dress was RED! It was unreal, stunning, gorgeous. The reception then took palce across the street at an empty townhouse and I literally have no words to describe how beautiful it was. Definitely did not take as many (or decent) pictures as I wanted to because I did have several (or more) glass of wine. My dad by the end of the night asked me how come I'm not normally this flirtatious in real life? I was like umm dad I'm talking to my new cousins now I am not being flirtatious! Haha thanks dad.

First off a little cake. So pretty.

Groom and bride giving toasts. They were thanking everyone because instead of doing gifts, the guests all donated to my uncle's cancer research organization that he developed at his hospital. They actually met because a woman wrote a book about my uncle's work with cancer research and and the author of the book introduced them.
The cutest little cousin in the world and future baseball star!

Yeah my sister thinking she's cool doing the sprinkler.
The fam! we call ourselves the Addam's family because we're always the ones in black. Well my big sister decided to stray from our normal attire and opted for green. Of course my and my little stuck to black. ;)
The cutest picture of the night. Everyone doing the hoorah!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Want Your Horror

What did you think I'd forget? And my favorite of them all with the conclusion of the New Moon press tour. Stewy in Oscar De La Renta at the LA premiere. Simply gorgeous especially with her sig messy hair. Had a really long and tiring week so keeping this short. Seeing an afternoon nm showing tomorrow and then probably just relaxing at home for the rest of the day. Saturday I have my uncles wedding and I took home some pretty hot jewelry from the office to wear with my dress. Probably going to end up wearing a rosette bracelet that Blair from gg just wore as a choker on last weeks epi. Yup we sent it to her. We actually had three clients on the characters in one episode. Pretty epic!!

Hopefully some wedding pics by sunday...depends on how much champagne is consumed ;)


Monday, November 16, 2009

I Want Your Lovin'

Yay 100th post! I have to give myself a big mazol tov considering I lose interest fairly quickly with whatever I'm doing but I have grown to love blogging even though this started out as class assignment. See I am all smiles (ie: me with a big cheesy grin in the middle).

Anyway, spent most of the weekend with my sister at her place and celebrated my friend krantz 22nd birthday. Ugh I can't believe we are all reaching 22. I'm glad I'm the baby and the last one to celebrate my birthday of my friends (I'm a december baby).

I'll admit right now these pics from this night are not the most attracted considering alch may have been involved and decided to contort my face into wierd expressions and it was a monsoon outside. But I managed to stick to my all black uniform with my big faux fur and division E tee.

The best part was definitely being able to spend time with my two girls that I don't get to see that often. We met when we both were freshmen in albany and were the first three to leave after first semester because ickk that school was gross. A fun night overall. Happy birthday krantzieee!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Moon Fashion

I won't even go into the whole know by now I love "it". Not ashamed. Moving on. Now that the film finally comes out in theaters next week, there's been a ton of international press and red carpets. And of course this means, tons of fashion. Taylor Lautner aka Jacob sure knows how to pick a suit but that's it. Not much fun to his wardrobe but definitely cleans up nice I'll give him that much. (I guess I'm just hardcore Team Edward.) Of course RP looks sloppy most of the time but that is just his appeal (well to me at least). I find it way hotter to see a man comfortable in his outfit than all stuffy. But the main focus has to be KStew's many dresses (aside from oggling RP's mug of course).

Trio in Paris. Definitely favorite here. This J Mendel dress is absolutely angelic and really looks great with her pale skin. I even really like the harsh contrast between the cream and her jet black 'do.

Here's the trio at a London event with stewy wearing a Proenza Schouler Hemp Linen Dress. She's been getting a lot of flack for it and to be honest I don't like it either. I saw what this dress looked like on the runway and that's exactly where it was meant to be and stay. Granted her legs look phenom and really...who's looking at her anyway with RP there? ;)

Next stop: Madrid Fan Event. Stewy's rocking a gorg Balenciaga and not to mention those hot booties. I think the dress paired with the black hair is badass. Win.

Madrid Press Conference: Hello blood red pumps! I think this might win my fave look so far. The Elizabeth and James leather bustier dress is out of this world and wish I could get my hands on it.
This is a QandA in Mexico. She actually paired the jeans with black Vans..very cool and casual. Also her hair looks great pinned back rather than mullet/awkward growing out length style.

And lastly, stewy at a photocall. Love this dress. Have not yet identified if you know it please let me know. Such a sophisticated look. Definitely a stretch from what she's normally photgraphed in.
Woo...that's a lot. And the LA premiere hasn't even happened yet nor have the NYC appearances. Oh and yep I heard there's some screenings going on in the city where the cast will attend. Hmmm.. ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dang Girl

Just bought these babies from Forever today. I'm not much of an earrings girl, well actually I usually never take out my studs but I've always loved the look of cool earrings. These look better in person because the color is more vintagey. The reason I got them is because I have my uncle's wedding coming up and am wearing a plain black dress and figured I'd switch up my look with some flashy earrings. You can't really go all out flashy with the outfit since the ceremony is taking place in a temple. I don't usually wear fake earrings because my ears get irritated that's why I stick to my gold setting diamond studs. Plus studs never go out of style. But I've been really loving the look lately with messy hair and big chain earrings. They're feminine yet still have that rockstar/biker chick edge which is absolutely me. The wedding's in two weeks (yea I have a countdown because we all should know by now that new moon will be released a day before the wedding..haha) and I will definitely post pictures. I'm hoping to meet some gorgeous single doctor at the wedding since all of my uncle's colleagues are doctors. Score! (hah just kidding..but wait kinda not kidding.)


Thursday, November 5, 2009

kitty kitty

Diggin' this pic. It's an ad for LnA on the one and only Singer. LnA definitely makes cool tee shirts and tries to stretch the basic tee idea. I'm such a tee girl. I live in leggings and tee shirts and when it's chilly just throw on a sweater. Good to go. Definitely a no fuss kinda girl. And seriously paired with those lace leggings, the outfit is so cool without really trying. Which is kind of my go to thing right now. I've been so busy with school slash the internship as well, I haven't really been focused on putting together outfits. I swear my life revolves around leggings and picking out a new sweater and just adding some boots and jewelry. Eh I'm really not complaining.

And I definitely cannot be complaing because woohoo Yankees won the World Series!!! Finally!! 27 baby. Huge Yankee fan here (obviously! I did dress up as one for halloween) so my house was basically filled with cheers once the 9th inning was dunzo. Officially finished my last test today so hopefully more blogging soon.


Monday, November 2, 2009


Thought I'd share some halloween pics. (These were stolen from bff eseegs bc I'm too lazy to charge my camera and see what lurks there.) So out of all the years I've been spending halloween in the city it has always been warm and nice and finally when all my bffs graduate school and are home halloween it poured like a mother effer. Whatever we stilled managed to have an amazing time. Started the night off hanging at bff Marley's house. Drank a little and of course took part in some prom-esq pics showing off our costumes.

Clearly we were enjoying ourselves.

Sorry guys but I'm gonna have to go with the foodie diaries with best costume of the hamburglar. And I'm proud to say I made her mask and cape! But we def all looked cute with seegs as the biker chick, me a yankee (go yanks let's win it tn), akon as some version of a masquerader (ie wearing your mask on your head & wearing pretty yet whory fishnet thigh ya), hamburglar and marls as an indian.

We took it to the streets of the village where I cannot even begin to tell you how many people were chanting yankees everytime I walked by. Gotta love ny. Definitely fun spotting a Ronald McDonald. He found his perfect match in the hamburglar. Saw one balloon boy, a pink taco and a guy dressed as a very LARGE vagina. Yea that picture is somewhere. So with the ick weather and all...had a great night with the bffs although I did fall over a police barrier and have the bruises as souveniers yet luckily not one of my friends remembers it..hmmm wonder why? ;)