Monday, August 17, 2009

You Got A Beautiful Face

Today I had my interview and yes I got the internship and I start next week. It's PR firm that focuses on up and coming accessories designers which I think is pretty amazing since it's so hard now a days to break into the business. Anyway it was another extremely hot sticky day in the city and it got me thinking about my skincare routine. I used to be a product junkie always testing new products because I can never find something that really seems to make a difference on my skin. I have what you call sensitive slash oily slash dry skin. Yea you would think if I had oily skin I wouldn't be dry. Nope my skin's weird. However I am lucky enough to have my parents genes because neither one of them suffered from severe acne. But on my bad days I won't break out in multiple blemishes, I get these under the skin ones that are extremely painful. I try so hard not to pick at it but you know how that is, and of course I end up with some scar (they're usually on my chin).

I luckily have an amazing dermatologist who has her own skincare line (which she sells on one of those home shopping networks; she's very close with my mom & so my mom modeled some of her products for her hah.) I've always liked her products but they still have never done the trick. For the past year I've rediscovered good old plain Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash & I swear that's been the best for me. Very gentle and no drying out.

However my number one rule in skincare routine is moisturize moisturize moisturize. And again one of my favorites is this one by Olay. It's not heavy at all which is key for me. Other than that I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to skincare. I'll only use a toner if I break out.
So what are some of your go-to products? Drugstores or more name brand? Oh and for body I still love using Jergens with self tanner all year round. Even if it doesn't make a difference when I'm so pale I feel if I stop using some self tanner I'll be ten times worse. haha


  1. i love neutrogena!! its the best .
    yeah i got them from elles magazine!
    isnt she awesome?


  2. I have the Acne solutions from Clinique. The whole set is around 60 bucks but it's very worth it, although I think you don't have to buy the Foam Wash really, you can use regular acne wash from say Neutrogena's (and it'll be like 10 bucks cheaper too).

    I also have a blemish stick and night fade cream from the Body Shop tea tree oil line.

    And I occasionally use Neutrogena or Clearasil to wash my face with because both of them don't try out my skin very much.

    I like to keep a packet of Oil-removing sheets in my purse as well.

    Haha, I keep my face under control only because I tend to break out horribly if I don't (oily skin) :D I hope I grow out of it.

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  4. lex, i just tried neutrogena pink grapefruit acne scrub since my toiletries have been relocated to dc... ahhhmazing

  5. wow that mustve been so cool , i think they have more cool stuff in their magazines.
    seems that here all this magazines are all the same.

  6. Congrats on your PR internship! I work in PR myself. :) I def. go with the drugstore beauty products due to lack of funds. If I go the dept. brand route I use Clinique.

    xo, Becs