Friday, August 28, 2009

Yea my feet look huge but I am so in love with my new little booties/kicks. Remember a few posts back about my obsession for Clarks? Well I never got them because my mom told me she'd officially call me a boy ordering men's shoes. So while reading the latest issue of People Style Watch (one of my faves) there was a little section about shoes in this particular Clark-esq style. One was from Hunter (but they had fur inside which I do not need) and the other well...they were the ones that are currently on my feet and you will not believe where they are from. Payless. I saw the picture of them and decided I need to have them bc they were only 30 bucks but have to admit I was a little thrown off that they were from there. Well I sucked it up and ordered them and so glad I did. I seriously cannot wait to wear them with ultra skinny jeans and oversized sweaters. (Refer back to post with the pic of a-olsen.)
Speaking of Olsens this picture just made me realize I'm in major need a of haircut. And I loving Ashley's semi shorter do. I've been growing mine out for so long (my hair takes forever to grow) and finally think I've hit that point where it's a little too long. Hmmm an appt with my hair girl is absolutely necessary right now. Ugh hoping to go to the Hamptons with the bff's this wknd however there's some kind of hurricane anyone? Yea not cool.


  1. My friend just got a similar pair and I 'm considering stealing them!

  2. i saw the people style watch , and i made me thought of you,
    cuz i do remember you posting about the clarks how much you wanted them
    awesome you got them!!!

  3. my friend has them too!
    i love mka outfits in this pic

  4. Those shoes look great! They're so casual and comfly looking but stylish too.