Monday, May 31, 2010

must be the season of the witch

My new steve madden clogs. Sigh..I love them. Ordered them a few weeks ago on preorder but they came earlier than expected which always makes me happy. They are super high even though they claim to only be 4 inches but luckily they're lightweight so easy to walk in. And to think I was going to buy the jeffrey campbell pair with a 4.25 inch heel. Ohh...over the weekend I finally opened up an esty account where you can see the first Boy Is A Slag tee up for sale. Plus don't forget if you want something personalized all you have to do is ask. But please help me get the word out about my etsy. I've been posting it all over twitter and am glad I have some cool followers who have be retweeting it as well. May even start selling some other stuff on there too, who knows. Well hope everyone is having a good wknd. I've been trying to fix up these tanlines that will have to remain hidden for a while. I look like a red patchwork quilt. Cool.


Friday, May 28, 2010

we're soulmates

I just got back from seeing SATC2 with mum and lil jose (my younger sister..nickname..don't ask ha). We're huge fans of the show so granted we were going to enjoy it no matter what. The clothes were over the top & fun to look at. The story...yeah so it was cheesy. Trying way too hard to be more commerical...but hey at least they said fuck more than once in this one. Like the first one, there were several pieces I need to have in my life. Obviously in the first one that was the roger belt which I quickly got a replica of. Now..hello neck jewerly. Fell in love with the piece above. No idea who makes but I'm sure I'll find out soon. Plus Carrie wore this brown silk blazer (can't find a pic) in several seens....I neeeeeed it! Thrifting here I come. Plus we had one of our former clients' bags in the film....FIVE times. Pretty much I was playing spot the bag that I helped send over to sets =).
Also want to say thank you for your opinions about the tees and I'm really going to try and start selling them. Maybe start an etsy. As soon as something's up I'll obviously post it. But if there's something personalized you guys may want...all you have to do is ask either in a comment or email. I'd be happy to do it. Makes me smile knowing people think I'm somewhat creative. And remember several posts back I discussed an event I went to..well it was for a new website called StyledOn. I spoke briefly with the creators of it about starting up an online showroom of my tees on their site. So click the link..that's my profile. It's really a great site and I hope more of you join & we can follow each other there.
xx happy mem wknd.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

boy is a slag

How cool is my new Alchemy Gothic snake earring? Totally in love with the fact that it wraps around my ear. It's kinda creepy at first but that's what makes it special. And I'm not an earrings person, so I'm diggin this.

I chose to stay in my room rather than enjoy the sunshine.
Love how the paint came out super cracked...looks like it's been worn in.

Because I can't help but do a little cutting, I ripped the sleeves off. Ok so here's the thing. A bunch of you have been saying that I should start selling my tees that I diy so often and the idea is rapidly growing on me. This is my new one with my new favorite slogan between me and the bff Marley. I like that it's not too obvious what it means & gives it a bit of mystery. So I wanted to know from you guys would you be interested in buying this tee? However it would be made WITHOUT the phoenix..just the slogan. Or maybe even some personalized ones if it's not too overwhelming. I've always been into messy vintagey tees & really enjoy making them myself & would LOVE the opportunity to share it with you guys. I'd want to start selling them through my blogging probably by email with the details and all that. So is this something you'd be into? I know there's a lot of bloggers that sell their stuff which is awesome and I would like to be a part of that. Your feedback means the WORLD to me! I'm also coming up with some other phrases but won't know for sure until I actually make the tee. Also have to give a major shoutout to my buddy Isquisofrenia for giving me her opinion on matter.
xx let me know lovies

Monday, May 24, 2010

i pray i was in this world

Marley, me and er out sat night. A fun night with the girls just dancing was absolutely needed and I got it. I swear I never worked out that hard before. Obviously fun was had otherwise I would not be attempting to lick erica. Delicious. It was warm in the city so I wore my denim cutoffs and a blazer. Of course wasn't happy with any of the tees I owned so I made another one. This is inspired by the one worn by the girl a previous post which is by an 80s punk brand BOY london. It kiiiiiills me that I can't find any of the original tees on ebay. They're sold at a shop in london so if any of you readers are from london....pleaseeeeee send me one =D

Mine and marley's attempt at pretending we belong on JB. Oh yea I cut huge arm holes to make it a muscle tee and a put a lace bra underneath. Blazer came off as soon as dancing took place.

This is what it looks like front on. It's completely cracked & that wasn't on purpose. I made the images on paper to be ironed on and accidently ironed the ink so it cracked. You can see the "B" is half off and the legs of the phoenix are little specs. Although I'm diggin the mistake...looks worn in. Even grated a few holes in it with a cheese grater.

That is all. Oh yeah and my attempt to be punky with my baby blue nail polish but with one finger black. Fully admitting I'm strange.
Supposed to be near 90 tmrw yet all I want to do is go to the craft store to get letter stamps to make some more tees. I'm pretending I look good pale.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i am not young enough to know everything

Mother f...I'm dizzy. Me attempting to be cool by shaking my head in that pick hence the black fuzzy face aka my hair. New rockin harley tee from ebay. The colors are bomb and it's so worn in...the only thing left is to make some holes in it. Love me some shredding.

The back. Love how the letters are peeling.

Not really in an outfit...more of I threw on the shirt & left on my beat up Jet sweatpants on which happen to be the most comfy damn sweats strictly for lounging purposes. Really feeling crafty at the moment & want to diy a tee with some stensils. Was also browsing another blog that uses stamps in the shapes of letters to do hers. I need some friggen stamps! I'm now starting to follow some of the muses' blogs from johnnysbird...thanks to twatter. (I swear I must have been a secret agent in my past life.) Some pretty awesome blogs with unreal inspiration.
xx wknd!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

love me i'm lonely

I've fallen in love with this site I stumbled upon, johnnysbird. The photos are so effing cool my photo folder is overwhelmed with new additions. There's not even an "about me"...I need to find you soulmate. Some faves-->

Yea so who's finding this tee for me?

Does is get much cooler than an old school 90210 bedsheet? Hello Dylan. I have a rerun on my tele right now.
My UO package arrived. Out of four, only one thing is getting sent back. Not bad. Scored some pretty sweet sandals and two pairs of silky shorts that really ought to be pajamas but that's what I was going for. One is even nude with lace trim. Can't wait to pair them with a shredded tee and my soon to arrive platform clogs. Plus check out mi madre's ebay store Caramia112. She sells some of her fabulous treasures as well as some of my stuff. Who doesn't love ebay? I just bought some crazy snake earring. Mmm goodies.
edit: found JB on twatter
edit2: JB tweeted me =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

i could really use a wish right now

I am so not a miley fan but hot damn I love this outfit. Although it is obvious why I do, come on baggy knit and jogger shorts. Yeah everything I'm into these days. It's exactly what I want to be wearing now possibly paired with my combat boots. Unfortunately mother nature is having an internal with herself and taking it out on us by switching up the weather every other day. Yup buh bye 70's & sunshine...rain and 60's tomorrow. Whatevs. I may have an addiction to online shopping. Seriously. Just pre-ordered a pair of clogs from SM and ordered three pairs of shorts & sandals from UO. Mmm...can't wait for my goodies.

And hello...who is going to find this baby for me? Please I need these shorts...bad. Addiction see. Did find these. Must not order...must not order. They're called bloomer basically fancy name for diaper...& I'm the sucker that wants them. Decisions decisions.


Friday, May 14, 2010

all my scars are open

What a good way to end the week....come home to goodies. I mentioned that I ordered a few tees from BoutiqueToYou (one of my fave online retailers), well my package came. Plus I ordered three books from Barnes & Noble and that came yesterday as well. Perfect. I've become a reading junkie & am slowly building my own library. Could be worse things. Anyway the tees I ordered are perfect summer tees that I will dress up or down. The one I'm wearing in the pics is LnA...extremely oversized & cropped only in the front. I can't wear all around cropped tees bc I'm way too self conscious to have my belly so exposed & the long back makes up for it. I also got an LnA muscle tee with huge arm holes that would look hot with a lacy bra underneath. And lastly, my new fave brand of tees, a short sleeve (also cropped front long back) black tee from Daftbird. Saw a pic of Audrina P wearing it & just loved the relaxed feel of it. Will be living in all the tees this summer.

Oh & hey stew. Stew in the new issue of Elle. Is it just me or would you be completely horrified being in a room covered in your pictures? Gives me the creeps. But damn it's a hot spread & I need a dress like the one she's wearing in the first pics. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hot guys, fly girls

Wanted to let you all know that one of our clients will be featured on TONIGHT's episode of MTV's The City! You'll get to see an exclusive interview with the designer of Jemma Wynne by Olivia Palermo for Jemma Wynne is a fine jewerly line that is absolutely stunning. Trust me it's hard to just "look" at the pieces. They refer to their line as the "cashmere hoodie" of fine jewelry..."rich but comfortable". So true.
These are a few pieces from their line. How gorgeous are the bangles? You could do some serious stacking and we all know I love a full wrist of bracelets. Don't forget to watch!! And I'd love to read your thoughts about the interview (I haven't seen it yet either) in a comment or even your own blog post ;)

Also went to a fun event last night with B.O. that was hosted by Ali from Charm & Chain for The space was incredibly decorated by Robert Verdi & was also the same location where Bethenny from NY housewives had her Skinny Girl Margarita event in the beginning of this season. Admitted housewives fan. Unfortunately I did not take any pics bc it was a last minute thing & was not prepared (not to mention in flats and felt so little). Although I have seen the pic taken of me and B.O. floating around...yea not pretty so it'll remain floating.

xx don't forget to watch

Saturday, May 8, 2010

walk away from something when it's dead

Some cheap finds always make me smile. Did a quick run to the mall during the week and found a legit pair of jogger shorts...but ugh in grey. Come on where on earth are the black ones? Bought them anyway. Got some silk trouser shorts and another pair of harem pants as well. But my favorite item is probably my new shoes from Aldo. Immediately when I saw the chunky platform I thought of a "summer version Acne". They are super light weight & easy to walk in & cost 60 bucks....come on. It's kind of icky out in nyc but hoping for some decent weather soon so I can wear my new babies. Plus I just ordered a bunch of tees from boutique to you (one of my fave online retailers) & probably shouldn't have spent as much as I did considering I just order tee shirts but seriously it's so hard for me to find tops I like. I need to stray away from the hanes tees. Can't wait for that package to arrive.
xx happy mother's day

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

she's just a baby

Thank you Amy! I finally got my dress in the mail last night and I'm in love. It's super tight, not forgiving at all (guess more motivation to cut the junk) but it's super sexy. Obviously you all know I'm not used to wear super tight, super sexy pieces but this dress is just too hot and I can't wait to wear it out, probably grunge it up a bit with some combat boot high heels. And what's great is that it has an extra lining so no need for a bra & bc seriously I would never be able to fit one underneath it anyway ;)

Full shot. I guess curves do exist.

Definitely easy boob slippage here. Whatever it's just a boob.
Hope all of you are checking out purse blog for the Zara Terez giveaway. It's day 3 on the scavenger hunt but you still have a chance to win even if you can't play in the scavenger hunt. So check it out. Yesterday I was the one hiding with the bag and someone found me pretty quick. Mazol! Good luck!

Monday, May 3, 2010

i kept my fingers crossed

Yeah so I made a quick version of my own jogger shorts saturday. Since I was obviously pissed at myself for not buying the Uniqlo pair, I had to improvise fast. When I want something I need instant gratification. It's a disease. So I found a pair of buried college sweats, cut them up, rolled them up and stitched. Tada. I know it's such a major DIY (please note the sarcasm). But they came out cute and are baggy on me. I wore them out for a bit on saturday night since it was nice and breezy with a plain black sweater. No pics of my night out but I'll be sure to wear them out soon.

And duh, obviously you all knew I'd go there. Tonight's Met Gala in the city. HUGE! And look who showed up. Girl crush entact. Stewy is ferosh wear Chanel Haute Couture. It's extreme which is what the gala is all about. It's where you can pull off pointy boobs and almost showing your britney. And please, all I had to see was the black and I'm in love.
Also wanted to let you guys know that one of our clients, Zara Terez, is doing a giveaway with Purse Blog. If you live in nyc, come take part in a Handbag Scavenger Hunt! For five days (started today) Zara will be tweeting clues as to where you can find a bag all over Manhattan. Her bags are named after different yea you get the idea. And tomorrow if you decide to play you'll have to find ME with the bag! Whoever finds the bag first wins. So follow ZaraTerez for the clues. You have four more chances to win. If you don't live in NYC visit PurseBlog for another chance to win a Zara bag. So no one's left out =). The bags are super cool and who doesn't love a free bag?
xx happy hunting