Monday, August 31, 2009

With All The Pretty Daisies

Summer is officially over for me. Enter sad face here. I started classes today however I cannot complain because this is my last semester (finally)! Anyway my school isn't much of a fashion show but seriously even though this may sound mean I kinda enjoy sitting on the couch between classes looking at all the different "amusing" outfits that roll by. I'm telling you, if you're in a bad mood come to my school and you'll get a great laugh. Wow I'm horrible; luckily I go to commuter school & don't have many friends here or maybe it's bc I make fun of people that I have no friends there? Hmm...anyway.

I've been seeing these TopShop floral leggings all over the place and at first I was extremely iffy on them. One: I don't typically like loud prints. Two: what to pair with. But I've kind of grown a liking to them unfortunately spring has sprung and fall is heading in fast. (Two days ago it was in the 90's and today it barely broke 70, I was freezing in school.) Even though I like them I'm not really sure I'd have the balls to wear them or these. But definitely liking nontheless. I did make a rule with myself this semester that I will only buy clothes that I will actually wear. You would not believe how many things in my dresser and closet still have tags on. It's bad.

Now I need to find a good book to occupy my time on the train because clearly why would I ever read my readings for class. I like smutty trashy kind of things. I told this to my mom and she came home with a very dirty book that I'm way to embarassed to hold bc even the cover is smutty. Haha she's great.


ps-if you like food blogs..check this out just started by my bff a hardcore food lover =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yea my feet look huge but I am so in love with my new little booties/kicks. Remember a few posts back about my obsession for Clarks? Well I never got them because my mom told me she'd officially call me a boy ordering men's shoes. So while reading the latest issue of People Style Watch (one of my faves) there was a little section about shoes in this particular Clark-esq style. One was from Hunter (but they had fur inside which I do not need) and the other well...they were the ones that are currently on my feet and you will not believe where they are from. Payless. I saw the picture of them and decided I need to have them bc they were only 30 bucks but have to admit I was a little thrown off that they were from there. Well I sucked it up and ordered them and so glad I did. I seriously cannot wait to wear them with ultra skinny jeans and oversized sweaters. (Refer back to post with the pic of a-olsen.)
Speaking of Olsens this picture just made me realize I'm in major need a of haircut. And I loving Ashley's semi shorter do. I've been growing mine out for so long (my hair takes forever to grow) and finally think I've hit that point where it's a little too long. Hmmm an appt with my hair girl is absolutely necessary right now. Ugh hoping to go to the Hamptons with the bff's this wknd however there's some kind of hurricane anyone? Yea not cool.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fly Like An Eagle

Started the new internship this week! I'm in love with the girls I work for; they're so cool and hip. All their clients are really cool too with some amazing products. Anyway clearly I'm exhausted. Sheesh how the hell am I going to make it with school and then the internship? I'm such a slacker. Today I went on an errand to drop something off and then took a lunch break but instead of getting lunch I shopped. It was so hot out so I figured I'd stop in H&M and see whats new. And I was so stoked to see that they had this ginormous winged sweater that I once saw a girl on Chictopia wearing. When I first saw it on the website I said I wanted it so badly but guessed that since I want it I won't get it. Well just got home and took a few grainy pics. I promise better post...eventually?

Wow I'm such a pig living in a room this messy. Tough.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i said who are you? don't matter who you are

We all know by now I'm an oversized tee shirt kind of girl and that applies to my tank tops as well. I recently bought a Nirvana muscle tee in a huge size therefore the armpit cut outs are extremely low. Luckily I found that pretty little lacey bra from h&m that I swear I live in now because it's like wearing nothing (with my size I can wear nothing but sometimes errrr that's not appropriate). But I've been having some difficulty finding some more lacey little things especially in fun colors. And then there's TopShop. Why didn't I think of this before. How gorgeous are these bras? Also MAD for this fine little thing. Since I'm usually in black anyway getting these in fun colors might be exactly what I need. Plus this one from Forever21 is pretty damn cute too.

Just thought I'd add this pic in. My friend freklz asked me to make these bracelets after she sent me a pic of her little sister who just came home from camp sporting amazingly colorful wrists of beaded bracelets. So why not pretend I'm still a teenager in camp. These are friendship bracelets I made for her and myself. One of them has our initials on them. Cheesy and us! Oh & that's Essie's Shelter Island nail polish..ugh heaven.
xx bbz

Thursday, August 20, 2009

with the wind in my back I don't ever even bat an eye

Was browsing through Singer22 and saw some pics for some line but I fell in love with some of the photos because in ever pic the model was wearing this hat. Unfortunately that hat is not part of the line. But I desperately want one. I already disclosed my new obsession for hats (especially because I seriously hate doing my hair all the time...even though I'm lucky and have easy hair) & that I practically live in my Topshop slouchy beanie (actually bought from topman), but I want one like this one that is tight and rolled up at the hem. I just think it's absolutely cool. I also like this one from Topshop, esp since I should probably try another color. Doesn't it just look so comfy and soft? But I still don't really see a tight one on their website, unless maybe I roll one up myself. Hmm..ohh the troubles.

Anyway such a good day yesterday because 1-my BB Dakota jacket came from Chickdowntown. And hello thankfully I decided to get a large hoping it would be oversized on me but damn is that f%#*er tiny! It's still a very cute fall jacket and it was free so not complaining here. 2-My best friend just came home from a month's long trip to Greece. Ugh we have so much to catch up on but I'm stoked. Also went back to the flea market and got another black blazer but it's linen which is cute and light.

Ahh start my new internship next week. Excited yet nervous. Plus that "big" name I first had applied to and didn't get back to me just called me yesterday asking to meet with me. I'm telling you this is my damn luck. EXACT situation happened last summer but I took the smaller named company internship and loved it so I'm hoping this will be the case too. Plus this one has potential for a job since I'm graduating school this semester (Ahh) where the other most likely not. We'll see how it goes.

ps if you know where that hat is from TELL ME!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

You Got A Beautiful Face

Today I had my interview and yes I got the internship and I start next week. It's PR firm that focuses on up and coming accessories designers which I think is pretty amazing since it's so hard now a days to break into the business. Anyway it was another extremely hot sticky day in the city and it got me thinking about my skincare routine. I used to be a product junkie always testing new products because I can never find something that really seems to make a difference on my skin. I have what you call sensitive slash oily slash dry skin. Yea you would think if I had oily skin I wouldn't be dry. Nope my skin's weird. However I am lucky enough to have my parents genes because neither one of them suffered from severe acne. But on my bad days I won't break out in multiple blemishes, I get these under the skin ones that are extremely painful. I try so hard not to pick at it but you know how that is, and of course I end up with some scar (they're usually on my chin).

I luckily have an amazing dermatologist who has her own skincare line (which she sells on one of those home shopping networks; she's very close with my mom & so my mom modeled some of her products for her hah.) I've always liked her products but they still have never done the trick. For the past year I've rediscovered good old plain Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash & I swear that's been the best for me. Very gentle and no drying out.

However my number one rule in skincare routine is moisturize moisturize moisturize. And again one of my favorites is this one by Olay. It's not heavy at all which is key for me. Other than that I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to skincare. I'll only use a toner if I break out.
So what are some of your go-to products? Drugstores or more name brand? Oh and for body I still love using Jergens with self tanner all year round. Even if it doesn't make a difference when I'm so pale I feel if I stop using some self tanner I'll be ten times worse. haha

Saturday, August 15, 2009

...and irrevocably in love with him

AHHH!!! A few posts back I mentioned that I've been entering a Twilight giveaway by Chickdowntown. Well the prize is a BB Dakota jacket that Bella wore in the film and all you had to do to be entered was answer a daily twitter question. Well my friends after many attempts & many questions answered I finally won!! I never win anything so I'm so so so stoked! Today's question was what do you like to do for fun on the weekends? My answer: "I'm in my 20's but I still like to go to the movies with my dad on the wknds, it's been tradition since I was a kid and I'll never get too old for my dad." (I swear it's the truth and I even saw District 9 today with him...btw pretty awesome.) So yup I won and can't wait to get it!
Now if only it came with my own personal Edward Cullen.
Oh cheesy photo of me admiring me new tattoo. Hmmm just kidding, it's one of those peel and soak with water ones you get when you're a kid. I will never grow up. I got bored last night before getting ready to go out for a birthday party and found a bunch of these tats. Plus I wore my Division E black tee last night that hangs off the shoulder so I thought it'd be cute. It's a star with wings. =)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Follow @chickdowntown on twitter to enter the contest. It's a 100 day giveway and I think they're up to 30 something. And follow me too @alexaRkopel.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

With Fire In My Bones

Today was the last of three days of my "guest interning" for my friend. Damn it was exhausting but definitely a great experience. It's interesting to me to see how different companies operate. Anyway still haven't watched the teen choice awards (I know I'm missing out on some quality rpatz time) but I saw some pics of my girl crush Kristen in her RockNRepublic dress. I think it's pretty damn badass especially with her now growing out Joan Jett shag. She really is gorg (hence the girl crush) and am jealous of her complexion. I'd never tan and risk the wrinkles if I could pull off pale like her.

I still can't get over how much I like the dress. Hello look at all those spikes! I probably wouldn't have paired it with a beater but to each his own. She really looks like she just picks out what she likes and if people don't get it eff 'em. Maybe it's just me, but I wish I could always have that kind of attitude.

Anyway another film is being shot down my block, going to go check it out. I swear my neighb=new hollywood. 5th movie shot here this summer I think. And I was about to write wish my luck for my interview but it was just pushed till next week. More time to find an outfit =).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Can Count On Me

Ok so one of my friends asked me to come help her out in the office because all of the interns left for school. I figured why not I'm not doing anything. But wow I forgot how much working exhausts me. I sound pretty snobby/spoiled right there. But seriously I haven't interned in a long time so it's kinda rough when you jump back into it and are running around city on one of the hottest days of the summer. (Plus wearing the wrong kind of sandals and dressed in all black..yea I wasn't prepared.) So I'm too tired to actually come up with a decent post, but I saw this pic of Ashley on OlsensAnnoymous and became extremely jealous how pretty she looks even though she looks "shiney". I swear I sweated out 10 gallons of water today while running errands all over town and just looked like a hot mess.

However am very grateful for my friend for thinking of me because now this is another thing to add to my resume (yes it's a fashion pr firm) and it's only till the end of the week. Plus because of her I have an interview with another pr firm dedicated to up and coming accessories designers. (Cough cough I make bracelets.)

Passing out soon. Feet are achey and my nails are a mess. Need mani/pedi asap.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Tell The Wife

Wow I'm exhausted. Just got home from spending the night at my family's house in the Berkshires and I'm running on extremely low sleep. We left at 6am Saturday morning and I had the brilliant idea of going out Friday night and I am so glad I did.

Lately I've been discussing my new found love for seeing shows at local venues and I found out this British musician Sam Bradley (who co wrote the song Never Think/Too Far Gone for Twilight which Rpatz sings) was playing at Joe's Pub. Tickets were sold out but the day of the show I decided to check again and yes! there were a few left. My best girls and I got dressed immediately and headed out. It was absolutely amazing. Seriously I don't care what you look like; sing to me and play guitar I am madly in love.

We didn't have a table reservation but made our own seats and even got our own waitress for the night so it was perfect. Afterwards he said he'd be signing stuff backstage and I'm lucky enough to have great friends to help indulge in my madness and we rushed back there. When it was our turn to take a pic I was so nervous that all I kept saying to him was he should come out with us when he's done because we're really fun. My friends and I started bs'ing about hanging out with his entourage (who were very hot). Then my friend Marley goes to Sam and says "You should give Alexa a kiss." He looked surprised by her forwardness but then he leaned in grabbed my face with both hands and laid a sloppy one on my cheek. Too bad they didn't capture it on the cam; I was too stunned to even consider it.

mmm swoon

Overall it was an amazing night. We went out for drinks (no british entourage in tow though), got home at 3am and was on the road by 6. I would share a picture of my family and I on top of a mountain at the end of a 2 hour hike but ehh the view looks great, I do not =). Oh to the show I wore my forever21 ripped jeans, black tank and my mom's old levi's denim jacket that I cut into a vest.
Hope everyone had a great weekend...back to bed. Thanks for the interview outfit advice =)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

With Eyes The Size Of Baby Worlds

What else, another gloomy day in the city. At least it's given me some time to catch up on reading some fave blogs and scour for more internship opportunities (still no word from big name but there are other fish in the sea). But everytime I write an email to prospective internships for the Fall semester, I can't help but think about fall clothes and what kind of wardrobe I'll need. It excites me yet makes me depressed at the same; that means summer is concluding.

It got me thinking about my footwear or lack there of. For the past two winters are I lived in my Chinese Laundry over the knee suede boots (and I refuse to give them; they're perfectly worn in). Other than those you would either find me in my Minnetonka black ankle lace ups or just black chucks. Ugh key word black. I've never strayed. And I'm currently in love with these WeWhoSee boots. But I'm considering opting out of these in favor of a plain black boots like these.

And maybe try these in coco. I tend to stay far away from brown but I'm kind of diggin' these bad. But hey I guess we all can use a little change every now and then. Hmm too bad black is just SO appealing. I am thankful, however, that this is my major concern of the day. =)


ps just found out I have an interview next week..hello outfit suggestions please. What are some of your go-to interview outfits?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Child

Yesterday I got burnt on the beach, actually my lips got burnt, so I opted out of another beach day for a trip with my mum to the Aqueduct Racetrack flea market. I really don't consider it a flea market; it's more of a dollar store just outdoors. Basically it has a TON of crap. But I went last summer and actually got some really cute things. Even though it was extremely hot today my mum and I walked around browsing through all the nonsense and found a vintage clothing stand. All I bought was this Phillipe Adec grey blazer (in photos) for 1 dollar. Everything on the racks was just a buck. Unfortunately I was so hot and uncomfortable I would have thrown a fit if my mum made me try on one more jacket. I'll regret it later.

But I really love this blazer because it's not so oversized like I'm used to wearing. I'm actually excited for a little bit of cool weather to wear this with my black ripped skinnies. Plus I finally applied for an internship for the fall (yup I'm way off my game) and this blazer would definitely be work safe especially considering the BIG name I'm in the process of interviewing for. I don't want to say it bc then I'll just be bummed if I don't get it.
Anyway we also bought some Murano glass rings. I've never liked them and my mum has always had a grudge against me for never buying a bunch of them when I lived in Italy. But finally she found some pretty ones & I even found one I like. (Too bad it doesn't come out so cute in photo.) Even though we didn't buy that much we made up for it in snow cones and funnel cake. Yumz!
Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Make Me Dizzy

A lazy Sunday after an EXTREMELY late night out leads to some fun DIYing. I've been seeing from some other bloggers including some on Chictopia the DIY sharpie Chanel tee and after seeing Luxenoir's post on her creation I gave it a go. It was fairly except the sharpie really made me dizzy after a while =/ I took a Hanes tee, cut the neck and just traced using two separate size bowls. I ripped several holes all over the shirt at the end just because I felt like it =).

Sorry didn't feel like using my camera so I opted for my laptop's cam. Fuzzy but whatever and excuse the messiness that is my room. (Plus the messiness that is last night's hair.)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Want You I Need You Oh Baby Oh Baby

Ok so I don't really watch her show but Alexa Chung is so cool. Not just because we have the same name but her style is awesome. I usually just flip through the channels and if someone interesting is on I'll watch. And once I saw her boots, I fell in love. Hard and fast.

The boots are Acne and I'm seriously crushing on them . I think this Fall it is absolutely imperative that I have these or a boot like these. Adore the ginormous wedge and platform & the surprising silver on the sole.

Dreading that summer will soon be over but looking forward to making a list of my future Fall/Winter necessities. I really want a traditional long parka, so if anyone knows of a cute one share. I also got my items from Boutique To You in the mail. I am definitely pleased although both run a little smaller than I expected but I'll see if I can make them work.