Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's Get Soakin' Wet

Nyc finally has been maintaining some beautiful weather. Thank goodness. Seriously have been laying out in my backyard for about five days in fear that this weather will soon disappear. After the weather we've had here lately, you'd be too. So anyway, I'm kind of just relaxing this summer and taking it easy. So I haven't been posting as much, but yay this is my 50th post =). Kind of a big deal for me since this started off as a class assignment.

Anyway Lilo celebrated her 23rd birthday in Vegas along with the launch of Sevin Nyne (her tanning spray) and she's been getting flack for looking like a hobo. But I actually like the outfit that she wore for the "blue" carpet. It was probably 100 degrees out so I can't blame her for wanting to wear something light. I really like her shredded tee (sorry the pic isn't the best) and she's wearing the still lustworthy Alex Wang fringe booties.

Later throughout the party she changed into several bikinis. One was a hot red bandage bikini...really cool. But this one in the pic above has to be my favorite. I wish I knew the brand. I love the 60's feel with the highwaist yet it still looks incredibly modern. Plus that kind of bottom would definitely hide my problem areas. I think she looks great. I haven't really been bathing suit shopping because I thought we were going to have bad weather all summer but now that the sun is finally back I need some cute bikinis. I prefer bandeau tops with some sort of ruffle (that style is typically great for small chested girls).

I'm usually a VS type of girl but have recently come across some great bathing suits at Target for like 30 bucks. Insane. Ugh enough typing, I need to jump in the pool asap.
xx stay cool bbs

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jailhouse Rocks

One of my best friends, Marley, recently took up knitting. She came out to dinner some months ago sporting this adorable multicolored knitted scarf. I couldn't believe she made it. I think I'm savvy with needle work but I could never do that. Right now I'm third on her list of projects to make. I asked for a grey knitted beanie.

Speaking of knitting I was browsing through Topshop. com (can you believe I still have yet to visit the one in soho...shame on me) and found some adorable short sleeve cropped knitted sweaters. It seems to contradict itself...short sleeve-cropped-sweater? Whatever. Spotted the gorgeous MK (with her equally gorg boyfriend) wearing one of Topshop's knitted sweaters but in dress version. (Or is it a dress becuase she's so mini?) I love sweater dresses although I have yet to wear my Charlotte Ronson sleeveless sweater dress. But that's besides the point.

I really love this (the one MK is wearing in cropped) and this one. I used to hate horizontal stripes for fear of looking wide but I like the whole jailhouse look. I think these will definitely come in handy once summer comes to end. Err how could I think such thoughts...nyc has finally got back some decent weather. I shudder at the thought of summer ending now.

Anyway, thanks for your comments about the body con dress. I really appreciate it. =)

rip mj...always an icon now a legend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's See Them Curves

I usually get into phases where I want to wear the same thing over and over again. That also applies to my "going out" outfits; meaning my outfits when I'm in the city when I'm at a club or bar. And lately that's been wearing something form fitting with a open button down over it. But most people that know me know I don't really own anything form fitting because I pretty much went nuts and decided my entire wardrobe has to be oversized. Literally everything is huge. I remember when I studied abroad and told my mom that I was gaining too much weight she asked me if my clothes still fit and I go yeah but that's because everything is huge. Haha. Not funny anyway...

I've been sticking to my comfy flannels and a denim shirt that I found buried in my mom's closet from Bergdorfs circa who knows how many years and basically have been pairing them either with my tight jeans (only thing I wear tight are my jeans..that's a must for me) and a tank. But this passed weekend I wanted to go the body con dress route and of course I don't own any. So I improvised and paired a tight black tank with a tight mini to give the illusion of a tight black dress. But I'm bored of that and want suggestions for a body con dress. (Even though I don't think my body is necessarily ready to be "con" but eff it.)

I like this one from Forever21's sister site Heritage1981. But I'd rather do all black than a print. Of course everyone and their mom owns the American Apparel one but seriously the only thing that has stopped me from buying it is the scooped out back. I don't know I don't think I'd go without a bra in something so tight and I love to go braless because I can. But it does seem perfect for what I'm looking for. It even comes in tank style.

So share your thoughts.

xx grazie

Monday, June 22, 2009

Got the Blues

So it's still abnormally rainy in nyc. Pretty sure it's been almost three weeks since I last saw the sun. Kind of depressing. Lately all I want to wear is a hoodie and leggings. But this past weekend I had to ditch my uniform and get out of bed to go out. I first had one of my close friend's birthday party and then my sisters Black and White party the next night. This weekend I was running on about 6 hours of sleep total. Not too fun. I didn't end up wearing a white dress with a black jacket to the party like I initially wanted to because rain and white dresses don't mix well. I ended up with an all black ensemble. Not much of a stretch for me. Oh yeah but I did want to do one color accessory and thought it'd be fun to wear colorful star sunglasses. They were infant size and barely fit but funny.

(Dana Buchman Blazer and H&M dress)
Anyway I found this pic of Ashley Olsen in the city and even though she's dressed down I really like the outfit. You wouldn't believe that this picture was taken in June from the way she's dressed. I swear this weather is just not fair. I really like her flowy lightweight white pants and if anyone knows what they are do share.

Hope everyone had a good father's day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update Update Update

So a mini continuation from the last post:
Today my bff and I were in the city doing a little shopping and saw a bunch of trailers for a film set. I quickly realized what film it was for and yup Remember Me. Unfortunately it was absolutely down pouring and they were packing up to leave. I did pass by a few trailers but no rpatz siting. I was too nervous and ashamed to hang outside his trailer drenched. Errr I don't think I'd ever show my face again doing that hehe.

After some more shopping around, I read my twitter and found a whole bunch of gossip going on that he was at some bookstore (that I stopped at before) and was mobbed by some fans and paparazzi and was grazed by a cab. So yes I was in the same air space as him. Should I be sad that he nearly got hit by a cab or the fact that I missed it? No no I do have a heart. It may be a black heart sometimes but I assure you it's there. =)

So that was one downer of the day. The next downer: I found an awesome ACDC muscle tee at Forever21 and I go to checkout the cashier tells me the shirt is on recall and wouldn't sell it to me. Are you KIDDING??? No joke. I was almost ready to complain to the head honchos of F21 bc I was so pissed. Maybe some free shit? Mmmm tempting.

Hope you all are having better weather than the monsoon weather we had in nyc. At least my Hunter Wellies came in handy. I need summer back.

MAJOR UPDATE: I woke up this morning to find twitters that he is currently filming on a beach. Hmm I live on a beach and what do you know I look outside my window and see a bunch of trailers. Yes I went to the filming and saw him. Bunch of girls right now camped outside his trailer. I'm just hanging in my house which he is more than welcome to join me =) Here's my only decent pic. I forgot I left the color on b&w.
cannot believe he's filming in my neighborhood. After I missed him yesterday. WOWzaaa

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remember Me

So word has quickly spread in the nyc area that rpatz is here and filming Remember Me throughout the summer. Swoon. So close yet so far. I've been to several movie sets in the past, whether invited or just came across a set, and have met some pretty cool actors but this would be the ultimate. BUT!!!! and there is a major but here. I may have a deep admiration for Robert Pattinson but I am no where near a crazy obsessed stalkerish fan. I'm not a teeny bopper in love with his Twilight character. I get it. Edward Cullen is not real. I knew who he was before the movie.

And so although I really wanted to go to the see some filming (hello I am a media major and do have some interest in films) I don't think I could ever be a part of what went on in nyc the other day. From all the gossip I've heard and read (yep I love Perez) it was absolute madness that interfered with the filming and I even saw a video of girls grabbing him by the neck. Um yes grabbing him by the neck will totally get him to instantly fall in love with you. Real cool bro.

But yeah yeah I'm sure it was totally cool for these people to get a glimpse of him (yes there is some jealousy in there) but seeing what went on kind of freaked me out. I would love to meet him but not stalk him. Anyway I saw these pics of him taken from some people on the set and laughed to myself because that day I was literally dressed the female version. (I swear I'm bipolar with the way I dress, my mom still says she can't quite say what my style categorizes as.) I was wearing a flannel shirt, grey aa tee and denim shorts (you know my uniform for summer now). Not really sure if that's a good thing hahah. But funny either way and damn does he look gorgeous. (So yes I will say thanks to those that did go to the set to get these pics...again I'll admit: Jealousy.)

Now if I run into him at a bar downtown, hey that's pure coincidence. ;-) Sorry for the rant it's been a slow few days. But I finally bought black hightop converses. So thrilled to wear them. Now for real its June and its barely mid 60's here in the city. Anyone care to explain?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Gun Show

I just got home from a face-off with my enemy: The Dentist. Ugh...I HATE the dentist. The smell, the sounds. Everything about that office just makes me cringe. But really, who likes the dentist? Not a sane person at least. And yep I had a cavity but he said to me that he thinks I'm brave enough to not be numbed. Um second time he's done that and OUCH!!! One of the worst pains ever.

So now I went straight back to bed browsing online for things to order. And speaking of brave, I kept thinking about muscles and how I'm trying to workout but don't want to bulk up (seriously I use three pound weights...I'm a light weight). That, naturally, led to me look at some muscle tees. I normally hate anything without longish sleeves but I saw this Alexander Wang muscle tee (pic above) and really like it. I also found this from Forever21 and since we all know by now my love for 90's, it's perfect.

I just think there's something cool and a bit masculine about wearing a tank like these, especially paired with ripped skinny jeans and chucks during the day or I would even pair it with some heels for a night in the city if I was just going to a bar. Aside from the Forever21 one (which I will most certainly be ordering) I really want to order this one from Singer22. From the picture, it looks so good on Kate Bosworth.

Anyway the weather here has been under constant cloudy skies for nearly two weeks. I thought it was June? But I did get my hat from Topman yesterday and I love it. (Even though I did make one myself that I wear all the time out of a hood from an old sweater.) I didn't even realize when I found this website that it's Topshop for men. Silly me.

Hope everyone is having better weather than nyc has been having.
ps-has anyone been to this website textsfromlastnight.com? It's hysterical. Yet a little dangerous as I can be reading it and then look at the clock and be confused about where the time has gone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby I'm A Rockstar

Ok so as you all know by now my girl crush is Kristen Stewart. Not only do I think she's really pretty (so you agree...you think you're really pretty?...sorry I had to get it out of my system. If you didn't know, that was my Regina George.) but her style is so rock on. I'm in my grungey phase as of late and the other day my brother asked "Who do you think you are, 90's grunge?" I was like Yep. Recently she cut her hair and dyed it jet black for her new role in The Runaways in which she is going to play Joan Jett. Even though the haircut may be just for a role, I think it looks awesome. I almost wish I had the balls to chop my hair up. I've also been dying to to color my hair a few shades darker. It's one reason I don't always like the summer; because my hair gets light and I normally have natural dark brown hair. But I have virgin hair, so I'm kind of nervous about coloring it.

Aside from her new locks, I've been noticing a ton a pics of her with her shirt tied in a knot to the side. I used to do that all the time back in the day when I would steal all my mom's concert tees and I'd be swimming in them. I still do it occassionally when one of my vintage tees is too big. I really love that she has her own style and looks like she just doesn't give f*#k. (Even though yes I'm sure she does, seriously who gets up in the morning and really throws on the first thing they see. You know some thought goes into it.) Plus she's got an awesome collection of Chucks, which I seem to be living in now. I want to stud a pair of kicks like these but in a hightop version.

Anyway, what do you think of her hair? Love it or hate it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Just got off the phone with my friend after an hour long conversation pretty much about how we're bored. I'm not interning this summer so there really isn't much taking up my time. I thought I would like that but it's getting a little difficult finding some time consuming yet still fun things to do during the day. I had an appt with my orthopedist yesterday and he gave me the go ahead to try an get back to being more active. Which is a good thing since I've been kind of itching to go roller blading and burn some calories. A torn meniscus is not fun! I obviously have to start slow but I'm glad that surgery doesn't seem necessary at this point. But before I attempt to go wild on my roller blades, I was still bored after my phone call and started a list of things I like. Kind of mundane, but hey it's rainy out...still.

I've been eyeing a ring like this (but in yellow gold) for a while. Of course in my name.

I absolutely adore this chunky sandals by Fabrizia.

I have these in black and I also have the Wayfarers but I still want the traditional gold Raybans. Raybans are my go-to sunglasses, I never like anything else.

Been meaning to pick this polish up for a while now. Essie has the best colors, this is Shelter Island. Perfect baby blue. And we all know by now about my minor addiction to nail polish.

I also love this Jennifer Zeuner hamsa necklace. I think it would look pretty to layer with my nameplate.

As you can tell it's a boring rainy Wednesday and window shopping (is it called window shopping when it's online?) is always fun...actually more like time consuming. I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night on dvd (I really like that movie, it even made me cry at one point and I NEVER cry) and I didn't notice this the first time I saw it, but there was a quote that really stuck out to me.
"We're meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?"
I can't remember the character's name that said this which is funny because in the movie he couldn't either. He said it's the people that we remember the least that leave the biggest impressions on us. But that quote hit me hard and not because I lost many people I love (which I have) but rather it made me want to lose someone just so I will know that I loved them. If that makes any sense.
Sorry that was just my babbling. I'll stop. Hope none of you are stuck in this dreary weather.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We're All Monkeys

Last night my bff (little ak), her friend and I decided to try something new and go see a band play at a bar. I'm trying to step outside my comfort zone this summer and try some new things and get away from the usual NYC scene. And I have to say I had one of the best times last night.

It all went down at Hill Country (which is an awesome bbq restaurant, such a cool environment) and the band I went to see was 100 Monkeys. I have to admit I'm not a huge music buff and wasn't too familiar with their music but I knew that Jackson Rathbone (Jasper from Twilight) is in the band, so that was a major plus. Tin Tin Cans opened up the show and they were pretty cool too but nothing like 100 Monkeys. The music was very chill and easy to get into. All the band members were such characters, it was amusing to watch. Jackson came out with a mustache (as you can see in the above pic) that eventually fell off during the show. It was like musical chairs with them; switching off on different instruments from keyboard, guitar, drums and even a trumpet. They are all seriously talented and can't wait for them to come back to nyc.

See, mustache gone. But hello cutie.

Me, Gab and little ak.

The opening band Tin Tin Cans.
Before going on line we had some dinner. Wow was that mac n cheese delish. That's my vintage Harley Davidson shirt I once wrote about. I swear I live in it now. Plus it was nice to go out and not wear heels and just wear my chucks. A lot easier on the bad knee too :-).
I definitely want to see more bands play at cool venues like this one. If anyone has any suggestions that are in the nyc area please share.

Friday, June 5, 2009

mmm V

Today the weather was extra gross with non-stop rain. Since I'm a fan of Twilight my friends have been trying to convince me to watch True Blood. I told them I don't want to get hooked onto another t.v. show especially just because it's about vampires. I swear I do not have a vampire fetish. But with absolutely nothing on t.v. today and no new netflix dvds in the mail, I gave in and watched the entire first season of the show. Yes I said the ENTIRE first season. It took a while and I'm not proud of myself, but damn is that show addicting. It took a little getting used to the characters but I may have fallen in love with a new vampire, Bill Compton. Stephen Moyer, the actor that plays Bill, isn't normally my "taste" but his character really is so charming. And I do like those dark and mysterious guys.

Plus watching the show made me almost wish I lived in a small town where everyone knows each other. All I kept thinking about was that Sookie just wears shorts and tees pretty much everyday and how much easier it would be to just be relaxed. (Although her life has gotten somewhat more complicated as the season progressed.) I enjoy looking at the colors of the show, which I tend to do after one too many film classes. It's all very neutral where one ounce of color sticks out like a soar thumb. Makes the whole idea of "blood" more appealing. Plus it was kind of hot watching how all the characters were sweaty the entire season. Hmm?! I also liked how the vampires talked about not having feelings. Makes me wonder if life would be much easier or just simply boring.

Cannot wait for season two to start. The show is seriously addicting as V is to the "mortals".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Got Leid

Last night my best friend and I went to an event I was invited to hosted by Lord & Taylor, Elite Model Management and Kahuna Creations Longboards that was celebrating the launch of Elite Longboards shaped by Kahuna Creations. Although the evening started off with my friend and I making a mad dash to get inside due to the heavy downpour, it was overall a fantastic night. The party was on the rooftop of Lord & Taylor on 5th Ave, and just as we arrived the rain stopped and allowed us to enjoy our drinks outside. It was a tropical feel inside, not just because of the humidity, but rather upon entering we were all "leid". The live band was very much enjoyable and the longboard creations were amazing, each designed with their own unique images. There were even some people testing out the longboards and riding around the deck. I wanted to take a ride but I feared heels, miniskirt and wheels didn't make for a good combo. I passed. Here are some pictures from the evening:

One of our favorite designs of the longboards.

A whole bunch of cool ones hanging on the walls.
My best friend and I. She's wearing a Forever21 skirt and top paired with a vintage leather blazer and Balenciaga bag. I'm wearing a Gap white tank, black tank that I wear as a skirt, AA hoodie, Dana Buchman oversized blazer and my mom's vintage magazine clucth. Everyone thought I was carrying a magazine around, but nope, it was a bag. Plus my own beaded charm bracelets.
Me and some longboards. You can see I wrapped my lei around my arm; too itchy for my neck.

My best friend with some more.

Overall a really fun and entertaining night. My friend who invited me to the event was so cute plus she introduced me to her boss as her "blogger" friend, so this article is for you. Love you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've kind of been obsessing over stacking my jewelry lately. I usually wear wrist loads of bracelets but my fingers are normally bare. Aside from my favorite Baccarat ring, which I don't wear that often due to fear of me somehow shattering it, I don't really have rings I like. I recently went through my mom's jewelry stand and found these gorgeous gold with diamonds stacking rings. Of course she won't let me wear them because I've already lost two of my three tri color gold rings. But I decided that stacking thin gold rings may be my new thing.

It's kind of weird but I like the whole gypsy look. I found for the time being in H&M a set of gold thin bands. They're cheap but will do for now. But I'm loving these from Bluefly.com by the brand Kevia. I like that they're square shaped, they look unusual. I'm also really loving these from MaxandChloe. Especially because they are tri color and I like to mix white gold with yellow gold all the time. I think mixing the colors gives it a more fun look.

With the rings I bought at H&M I, instead of piling them up on one finger, kind of dispersed them among three of my fingers. One finger has two rings and the other two has one ring. I think that's what's great about stacked rings, you can play with them all you want. And I like the idea of mixing them with other rings I have, not just all the same shapes and colors.