Monday, December 28, 2009

then i see you standing there

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Like I said in my last post, my friends and I went matzo ballin'...haha. Definitely had a good time out except for coming home and noticing the drink some dude spilled on my was cranberry juice and left a pink streak down my back. Totally cool. Whatever it came out.

Anyway ordered these shoes from nine west. I saw them a few months ago but wasn't sure if I really liked them but they were ridiculously on sale on the website including free shipped so I couldn't resist. Can't wait till they get here.

Hope everyone got some great goodies!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

who have you been loving

Merry Christmas Eve! So who wants to get me these shoes? I just love the cork and the leather so much! Totally does not matter that I don't celebrate Christmas. =) I hope that all of you have a very happy holiday and get everything you wished for. I am now officially on break from work for the holidays and unfortunately not going anywhere warm. Work resumes after the new year (and yes I'm still with my internship because I can't bare to leave my favorite girls and we're working on something more permanent for me..ahh). However I am going to have to take some extra time off after the new year for something MAJOR which I will most likely discuss on here after the fact. But I am super excited and it's less than 2 weeks away.

Anyway again, Merry Christmas! Can't wait to read about all the goodies everyone got. I'm probably hanging out with my buddies tonight because for us jews it's mazto ball eve. It's so lame but really funny. Pretty much all us jews go out partying in search of our future spouses. haha just kidding! (kinda) And obviously tmrw I'll prob be at the movies. Wow I'm such a stereotype/cliche. Whatever I'm totally allowed to make fun of myself.

Relaxing for the rest of day and trying to figure out when to use my holiday gift the girls at the office bought me (a gift certificate to Bliss Spa..mmm massage).


Sunday, December 20, 2009

i see you

NYC had the first snow of this winter season last night and damn it was a lot. Tried to take a picture of how deep it was but you can't really tell. But I assure you it's definitely over a foot. I don't live in Manhattan so the plows don't come right away to clean up the streets so now I'm thankful for my jeep.
Most people here hate the snow but I definitely don't mind it when I wake up on a Sunday morning with nothing to do. Granted it did ruin my plans to go out on Saturday night but I treated myself to all day movie marathon. And the snow still looks pretty here bc it's so quiet and not that many cars drive through. I can just imagine what the city looks like now; probably all grey by now. I'm wearing my H&M pea coat, my fave high top chucks and of course Raybans.
You wouldn't believe I live in a beach town from these pictures.

Even though the streets weren't really plowed, I did get to see Avatar today hence the pic above of my sister in her rayban-like 3d glasses. I had been reading reviews that aside from the beautiful visuals the story sucks but Oh My Gosh!!! I am totally in love with this movie. I normally agree with critics (accept when it comes to a little thing called Twilight) but I really did love the story of the film. The entire time all I kept thinking about was Pocohantas and John Smith. The effects were absolutely breath taking to watch (not nauseating as I thought it might be with 3d) and I wish I lived on a planet like theirs. But really aside from the effects and the love story the whole back story and major plot of the film, I felt was brilliantly worked on and thought out. So if you haven't seen it, go! Oh and if you see the movie you'll know what the title means.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

you know I got it

Officially done with school for good! Handed in my last final today. I guess now the real world begins. Scary yet exciting at the same time. Whatever I soooo will not get mushy and emo. Just wanted to share with you guys my new necklace that my favorite girls in the world aka the two fabulous girls I work for gave me for my birthday/graduation. I am in love! It's one of our clients's signature pieces with rhinestone chains and denim woven in. All of her pieces are so rocker and badass. She's definitely my new favorite jewelry designer. The girls knew how much I love her pieces since I'm usually oggling them and at our press preview during fashion week I was decked in her stuff. So now I have my very own. And if you guys are interested in it or any of her pieces (she's brand new and definitely on the rise) check it out at Charm and Chain. Most of her stuff is sold their and not to mention several of our other clients which also includes the owner of the site. Yea I'm totally pimping out the biz right now...


Monday, December 14, 2009

i was lost then i was found...

Have I said how happy I am that my best friends graduated & are living home again? No? Well I am because they were home for the first time in four years for my birthday and it was definitely one of the best birthdays I've had in years. On my actual birthday I spent it with my family doing the usual: movies, birthday dinner, cake etc. The next day I spent at my sisters apt where she took my a sushi restaurant with unlimited saki and wine and what do you know all my closest friends surprised me there. Everyone who knows me knows I hate making a big deal of my birthday and never would have planned anything so they took it upon themselves. Yea that's me surprised up top with cupcakes and a big birthday cookie. We went to a few bars after and seriously nothing is better than spending the time with your best friends.

Back at my sisters apt goofing obviously. You can't really tell what I wore but it was an H&M striped mini skirt, black Zara tank and my Dana Buchman oversized black blazer.

We really love each other.

I'm in love with this picture and my best friends. Love you and everyone else that made my birthday extra special.

Friday, December 11, 2009

devil in disguise

I posted this pic a while back raving about stewy's skeleton gloves. Well my mom knows I'm a freak and like weird things so she surprised me with my very own pair! And I am obsessed! (She hates that word.)
She got them off of the fabulous ebay for me. I wore them today for the first time which happens to be one of the damn coldest days of the year. And windiest..I swear I almost blew away. But I got my trusty spooky gloves and I don't care if they look like part of a halloween costume.

Oh yea it's my birthday today too..bla bla. And the first night of Chanukah and I am officially done as a college student. So big weekend. Lots to celebrate!

Monday, December 7, 2009

i'll be your queen

Ok I promised outfit post from this wknd..yea well if you saw what those pics looked like you would just make fun of me. But I definitely have an excuse for that. It was my big sister's birthday celebrations so a lot of vod was consumed. Vod + pictures equals not a good mix. But I had an amazing time and woke up the next morning with an amazing story that's probably not appropriate for this blog. ;) So since those pics were a bust I figured I'd show off my new scarf. I'm in love because it is just so damn comfy. It's from H&M and got it 50% off. It's like a big blanket around my neck...heaven.

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well!

Friday, December 4, 2009

i'll be your lover too

Extreme lack of updates lately. Sorry! I'm officially a college graduate as of next week so as you can guess I'm kind of swamped with work. Plus my big sister's birthday just passed so we had to do the whole dinner thing and she's having a party this weekend (brat..j/k). And when her birthday passes that means mine is next week...ick! Yea I'm not one for the whole birthday thing. I had my 21st last year so I'm kinda over it. Yup I am debbie downer in the flesh. hahah. But I have been having fun with all the online sales. Just received my Elizabeth & James Torn Deconstructed Tee (above pic) from Chickdowntown. And I got it for 40% off because of a Black Friday sale. Not bad. (Oh and they are still having a 40% off sale of the entire site.) They only had a large left and it's big. Alright it's huge but I love it and I probably could have made it myself but I really don't care. Oh and I have still yet to finish the DIY but I swear I will hopefully this weekend after my sister's bday party. Which means I need an outfit! I really want to wear my sister's sequin leggings, so now just need some ideas of what top to throw on with it. Was thinking a white oversized button down or maybe my vinatge harley davidson tee. Either way I want to do it with some edge and I would love your suggestions! So help and then I will definitely get in an outfit post next!