Thursday, August 13, 2009

With Fire In My Bones

Today was the last of three days of my "guest interning" for my friend. Damn it was exhausting but definitely a great experience. It's interesting to me to see how different companies operate. Anyway still haven't watched the teen choice awards (I know I'm missing out on some quality rpatz time) but I saw some pics of my girl crush Kristen in her RockNRepublic dress. I think it's pretty damn badass especially with her now growing out Joan Jett shag. She really is gorg (hence the girl crush) and am jealous of her complexion. I'd never tan and risk the wrinkles if I could pull off pale like her.

I still can't get over how much I like the dress. Hello look at all those spikes! I probably wouldn't have paired it with a beater but to each his own. She really looks like she just picks out what she likes and if people don't get it eff 'em. Maybe it's just me, but I wish I could always have that kind of attitude.

Anyway another film is being shot down my block, going to go check it out. I swear my neighb=new hollywood. 5th movie shot here this summer I think. And I was about to write wish my luck for my interview but it was just pushed till next week. More time to find an outfit =).


  1. hahha that is like hollywood, that reminds me when my cousin used to live at some house in los angeles, she used to go her moms room and they would always shoot for movies there, cuz it was a big house! but yeah.
    i saw that dress at some rock&republic editorial and i actually think its pretty cool!!
    i just wish she coulve worn something else instead of the white top but overall she looks great!!! and shes wearing heels=0

  2. hahhah i totally left off the part that it was the house next door ! hahhah that neighbor, im such a clumsy!
    i write exactly how i speak hahaha. you get me right.

    hahha much love!!!

  3. hahha yeah, i was like i hope she knows what im talking about hahha.
    yeah about the chanel letter , i wonder if only chanel knew about of all the knockoffs bags they sell in the streets of los angeles hahhah.
    i know its kinda messed up but i cant help it to laugh!!

  4. I absolutely LOVED Kristen's outfit. It was so bad-ass. Just like her. :)

  5. I wouldn't have worn the egg-beater what not, that ruins he whole edgyness to the outfit, but well what can I say.Is your mum a ringo fan?