Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Can Count On Me

Ok so one of my friends asked me to come help her out in the office because all of the interns left for school. I figured why not I'm not doing anything. But wow I forgot how much working exhausts me. I sound pretty snobby/spoiled right there. But seriously I haven't interned in a long time so it's kinda rough when you jump back into it and are running around city on one of the hottest days of the summer. (Plus wearing the wrong kind of sandals and dressed in all black..yea I wasn't prepared.) So I'm too tired to actually come up with a decent post, but I saw this pic of Ashley on OlsensAnnoymous and became extremely jealous how pretty she looks even though she looks "shiney". I swear I sweated out 10 gallons of water today while running errands all over town and just looked like a hot mess.

However am very grateful for my friend for thinking of me because now this is another thing to add to my resume (yes it's a fashion pr firm) and it's only till the end of the week. Plus because of her I have an interview with another pr firm dedicated to up and coming accessories designers. (Cough cough I make bracelets.)

Passing out soon. Feet are achey and my nails are a mess. Need mani/pedi asap.


  1. aw.. she's pretty :) i know, everyone envy her!


  2. They all always look good, isn't it just so unfair!