Thursday, August 6, 2009

With Eyes The Size Of Baby Worlds

What else, another gloomy day in the city. At least it's given me some time to catch up on reading some fave blogs and scour for more internship opportunities (still no word from big name but there are other fish in the sea). But everytime I write an email to prospective internships for the Fall semester, I can't help but think about fall clothes and what kind of wardrobe I'll need. It excites me yet makes me depressed at the same; that means summer is concluding.

It got me thinking about my footwear or lack there of. For the past two winters are I lived in my Chinese Laundry over the knee suede boots (and I refuse to give them; they're perfectly worn in). Other than those you would either find me in my Minnetonka black ankle lace ups or just black chucks. Ugh key word black. I've never strayed. And I'm currently in love with these WeWhoSee boots. But I'm considering opting out of these in favor of a plain black boots like these.

And maybe try these in coco. I tend to stay far away from brown but I'm kind of diggin' these bad. But hey I guess we all can use a little change every now and then. Hmm too bad black is just SO appealing. I am thankful, however, that this is my major concern of the day. =)


ps just found out I have an interview next week..hello outfit suggestions please. What are some of your go-to interview outfits?


  1. both are these shoes are awesome!

  2. Id like some flat boots like those too!

  3. interview outfit,mmm lets see.. i like highwaisted paints, cute boots btw.

    One Love,

  4. Love the first set of boots! As for an interview, I tend to go with an awesome skirt and a tailored boyfriend blazer and great shoes.

  5. the first pair of boots are great. it depends on the job i'm applying for but heels always make me feel more confident