Monday, June 28, 2010

cause your soul is in heaven

Quick post today...exhausted after running around the city in the sweltering heat. It was not ok being in all black today. The result was actual drippage. Yeah I'm gross..we know. Anyway clearly stewy didn't get the crazy nyc heat memo either and stuck to all black while taping letterman today. But hot damn is that herve leger a stunner or what? And the new red/blonde locks. Um dye bottle where are you?

But obviously stew topped the letterman look with this GOREGOUS Roland Mouret dress at the nyc eclipse screening. Granted she must be experiencing some drippage like I was this afternoon..but homegirl makes it look good.

Not to mention the adorably fresh braided hairdo. Perfect for this weather. Seriously who of my readers are from nyc? It was not ok outside today. Ick. I wish I could look as flawless. Le sigh. But don't worry she's still yours #krisianca...always #robexa.

Friday, June 25, 2010

falling in love for the last time

My new favorite summer item....and it's NOT black! One point me! Got this adorable strapless romper from the heritage section in forever21 a few weeks back. It's navy and pink and such a stretch for me considering it's super fem. But I still bought it in a size too big for me just to make sure I still have some of the oversized feel. Aright...I'm just happy it's not black...I can't give up black AND oversized. That's way overboard. Just ordered another romper from f21 but this time in black.

And yup the LA eclipse premiere was last night. I swear I melted when I spoted RP in a maroon Gucci suit. Only a real man can pull of maroon & look this sexy and masculine. Of course I'm in love with Stewy's Elie Saab's dress. The back is even hotter. And yes taylor looks cute too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

you think you're cooler than me

Now tell me why did I give up on my guitar lessons? I want to be a rockstar dammit. Another epic shoot from Johnnysbird. I swear Moni is the coolest and I'd kill for a day just to chill with her and throw a beer back.

Hopefully next boyfriend will let me beat on his face. That sounded dirtier than intended. ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

whatever I'm getting cheese fries

Happy birthday to the regina to my gretchen, to the teresa to my dina....erica!!!!! I know you're having a fantabulous birthday whether at the diner or at waldbaums. I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best bc that's exactly what you deserve. And I swear we will never get too old for blow pops and hello kitty birthday hats.

I concur...this will be our yearly pic.

happy birthday ya like no other, dude!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

when the lights go out

I'm in love with this outfit (from leflassh). Surprising since there's no black in it...but I'm digging the neutrals obviously the comfort of it. Nothing really going on aside from the fact that nyc finally has beauitful weather again and of course my face is burnt. But tonight we are starting the celebrations early for er's birthday. Planning to wear my Reed dress from chickdowntown pretty much bc my mom and sister teamed against me saying I need to dress more girly...less hobo. They're betting I won't do it.

P.s. these pics of lilo came out and I fell in love with the outfit and need someone to identify her top!!!! The cutout back...faboosh! See every piece here is baggy yet I think is still feminine & sexy (as well as the pic above) that just me? Or is sexy only in body hugging clothes....discuss.
xx happy early bday er

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

about a ghost who wouldn't come back home

Last night the girls and I went to see Bobby Long perform at Highline Ballroom. As some of you may know I have this crush on these few british musicians that are all buddies and I try to see them perform whenever they are in nyc. Luckily my bffs indulge me with my crush. Bobby, who cowrote a song for the twilight soundtrack, was amazing. He performed for the first time ever with his new band but also did some solo old school songs. The opening acts were pretty good as well. It was funny when my buddy er discovered a few degrees separation of knowing the first act last night & came back 15 bucks poorer when she went to talk to him. At least she got his cd signed. Facebook is really helpful in those cases.


Bobby and the band.

marl, me and er.

How cool is this photo with bobby on stage in the background? Such a fun night of just listening to good music and being our silly selves. Best quote of the night: Marl: aw bobby looks cute with his glasses and long hair!....Me: NOT BOBBY!!!!! Hahah I love you.

xx happy birthday mom

Sunday, June 13, 2010

who needs anything

Sundays are not my friend. I don't think I need to elaborate. Celebrated one of my best friend's brother's bday last night (hence the sunday=not friends). Had a good time hanging out with the usual suspects. Wore a Zara high neck black tank that I bought in in Florence (it's not special I just like saying I bought it in Florence...I miss those days). Paired it with one of my three new silky shorts from UO. You can see in the photo that they have a wavy cutout on the hem. I'm waiting for the photos from last night to surface however I'm sure I'll be inclined to share. =/ Also wore my clogs again and I have never tripped so much in my life. It's normal for me to fall flat on my face in flats being an uber klutz & I usually walk better in heels (higher the better) but not last night. My ankles are paying for it now. Do you like my Edward Scissorhands mane in the last pic? Hope everyone had a good wknd. Looking forward to a concert of my one of my fave brits this week....hint hint marl & er!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i fight outwards in this world

It's a shitty day in the city but this sweater makes me smile. It's one of my favorite, super soft Wildfox pullovers despite how cheesy the smileys are. I can't actually wear this out right now bc it's a tad chilly and the rain would make the shorts even more see through. No bueno. These are the same shorts I wore in the last post but in nude. They're from UO & I'm in love. They were exactly what I wanted in the pj-look shorts (I bought three pairs total like these...the other two are black). Hoping to wear them out soon prob paird with a dirty tee and clogs. Also wearing my new Deena & Ozzy sandals from UO. They're pewter so I'm proud I stayed away from black although I do need a pair of black sandals asap. I plan to keep on smiling & continue with my favorite quote....this too shall pass.

Monday, June 7, 2010

and we got so much to share

I feel like I've been kind of blogger MIA. Still in somewhat of a funk which I know I will get over soon. Anyway...the mtv awards last night totally cheered me up. It was surpirsingly hysterical. Tom Cruise as Les Grossman is pure genius. Did you really think I wouldn't girlcrush over whatever stewy was wearing? Yeah didn't think so. Probably one of my favorite dresses of the night (no bias there) was stewy in Dolce. Something about the tweed and the brocade just works.

The incredible sandy. Class act last and seriously bangin' dress. She is so spot on lately...I adore her.

Oh well you know....gahh the smile.

Yup totally sitting in a puddle of drool. Nothing more but to stare.
Figured I show some sort of an outfit since I've been slacking. Me and big sister (yup she's quite mini) on our way out for a friend's bday. It was disgustingly humid in the city. Not a fun hair night especially considering I pretty much chopped it off and it's full of layers. Frizz city. But I love my new hair (esp when people compared it to stewy...I'm actually embarassed that I take these compliments so seriously..but I do.)

Malpal is wearing a white AA skirt with Chinese Laundry lace ups. I'm my new LnA cropped cape top (so light weight amazing) and my new lacey UO shorts that I also have in nude and look like they should be pjs but I don't care. Oh and wore my new clogs. I swear I was a giant even though I'm only 5'4.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

you can't feel it with your heart

Thought I'd show off another DIY tee I made a while back. Never wore it so decided to put it up on etsy. Dude this can become quite addicting. It's an iron image that I printed on a Men's Hanes tee. I've been getting a lot of views on my etsy..hopefully something sells =)

Here's a closer image of the tee. Let me know what you think. You can view it on my etsy here as well as my Boy Is A Slag tee.

It's been kind of a bummer week which is why I've been somewhat staying away from blogging. Plus I'm terribly sunburt...on my BACK! So I've really only been in either my pjs or anything huge. And yes that means my ass is burnt too so sitting down at work all day today was not pleasent on my tush. I was laying out on my stomach yesterday reading my book and got so caught up I didn't realize how much time flew by. My ass is paying for that now. But that doesn't mean I haven't been scavenging any and every pic from some of my favorite blogs that I found through Moni. I just want to be curled up in this dude's sweater...preferably with him in it. ;)