Sunday, January 31, 2010

i think you could save my life

Went to a rooftop bar last night and probably shouldn't have considering my urge to sneeze is so bad right now. I swear my face is going to be a permanent sneezing expression. I opted for comfort last night since it was freezing and am still sick. Wore an H&M white see through long sleeves top paired with the H&M black joggers from the last post. And topped it off with my f21 necklace. While all these chicks were freezing in itty bitty dresses (like come on now it was 15 degrees out) I was comfy and really liked the whole look of the outfit. Oh and I got bored before doing my makeup and put on some fake tattoos. You can kinda see one little flower on my middle finger. Also put a star on my hand. So lame but it satisfies my desire to have a real one one day. I want some sort of text yet no idea what so fake it is for now. Plus the rents may murder me but it's way more fun being bad.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

in the morning i'll be with you

So a normal person, when sick, would be cuddled in bed watching re-runs of the OC. But I'm anything but normal. I decided to run to the mall. And even though I definitely ended up breaking a fever there because I was sweating hardcore by the time I left, I'm glad I went. After several unsuccessful trips I finally got some damn good pieces. An H&M oversized blazer, as well as oversized grey sweater. (Like I'd wear anything fitted.) Also a pair of H&M sweats that are tight at the bottom and I plan to roll them up and go for that whole "joggers" look with chunky heels (and pair them with a blazer as well). The whole wearing joggers as regular pants this season will definitely be all over FW. And I recently saw another blogger put the look together and fell in love. Oh and I got sick velvet leggings from f21. They're a size bigger than I'd normally go for leggings but I couldn't pass 'em up. Plus a huge chunky necklace from their that I saw on their website. It's look vintage in person which obviously I dig.
Hopefully I didn't kill my immune system even more by shopping while I'm sick. I get the point with my drippy nose..I'll stay in bed. For now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

now i'm free from all the things that saved my friends

Damn there ain't nothing hotter than a man who can swoon with his guitar. (Or any instrument for that caleb and rp.) I'd take a guy in a hoodie and ripped jeans and dirty kicks over a stuffy suit anyday. It's nice to that a man can put himself together every now and then but I much prefer a more laid back style. Everyone has their tastes (and their weaknesses). Mine just happen to be long hair (use your imagination) and facial hair. A little scruff never hurt no one.

Just had to add this pic of some besties (marl, me & er) to give a major shoutout that "best friends share and let friends..." That is all ;) Wild.
And if you're curious this pic is from sat night. I went completely casual in a men's ginormous AA grey vneck and ripped f21 jeans. Plus my trusty leather from Florence.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i was uncool before it was cool to be uncool

Got myself a new pair of boots. Been searching for the perfect pair of combat boots and ordered myself these babies from Steve Madden. They're listed as black but totally look more of a distressed brown and I love them. Whether folding them over or just leaving them straight up, they're the perfect amount of cool. Also chopped my hair. It's still below my shoulder but definitely a major change for me. Tons of choppy layers which gives my hair so much more fullness and volume. My hair girl went crazy with the curling iron yesterday and I left the salon totally kstew style from the last post. Let's just say I'm pleased. Oh and rediscovering my skull ring (top pic). It was so cheap and is tarnishing but that makes me love it more.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

no one loves the nighttime at the door

Finally bought myself a semi decent plain striped tee. It's more of thin greyish stripes than black but it'll do until I find the perfect one. Sleeves are a bit awkward length so they look best rolled up. It's definitely a top I'll be comfy in with just plain black jeans. Even with my dirty hair and my FAVORITE topman hat covering it up. Which reminds me that I plan to cut my hair this weekend. No not a bob but definitely shorter. I was mortified to see some pics from this weekend where my hair looked like a sheep dog. It's finally reached the point where it's too long. Aiming go for something right at my shoulder and a bit a choppy with added layers.

Some of my hair inspirations. Old Kstew and A.O.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

if it's not forever, if it's just tonight

Celebrated one of my best friend's 23rd birthday this weekend. We started friday with dinner at her house and her parents surprised her with a cake from The Cake Boss. We love Buddy. And damn that cake was delicious. I swear I have a permanent smile plastered on my face from her grandma telling us stories and cracking us all up. Actually hurts to move my mouth but so worth it. Last night we went to a bar? lounge? whatever the hell you call it these days. I attempted to recreate Christene Centenera's all grey outfit (in black of course). I suck at taking pictures out so I'm just posting some from my room. It really just looks like I'm wearing a tight mini and huge sweater which basically I am but the mini is a bandage skirt I got from H&M a few weeks. I love it. It does not stretch out and totally sucks everything in. My sweatshirt is just a plane Hanes pullover I got at target months ago for like five bucks. I was super comfortable and warm in it. And thank goodness it was warm out (yea a whole 45 degrees..we'll take what we can get here in nyc) so I opted out of wearing stockings and wore my new nine west boots.

Hope everyone has a good weekend..I'm officially a full time working girl now...(not the street walker kind) so taking advantage of down time.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

i touch the place where i'd find your face

Seriously obsessing over Christene Centenera (fashion editor for Harper's Australia) lately. These are just two of some of favorite pictures I've seen of her while stumbling upon someone else's blog. She literally is the epitome of easy and fresh style and I'm totally crushing right now. And am seriously considering chopping off some inches of my locks to get this look. I'm getting quite frustrated with my long mane. Anyway, I so want to emulate her style. I'd kill to look half as good wearing baggy pants and a tee and just throwing on a blazer and heels. Need to wear this to work as soon as it gets warmer. Love a fresh face. And the whole heather grey outfit...possibly stealing this look this weekend (but obviously in all black). I'm such a copycat..err inspired?
Thanks for the get well wishes! I have officially returned to the normal world and went to work today even though I just got the cast off on tues. I swear my doc has the lightest touch. Not a bruise on my face just a little swelling. If you didn't know my face, you'd never know. So I'm officially pleased and so happy I finally got to do this, which was done absolutely for ME!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

set me down in your warm arms

Hello hello obviously I'm the worst person to tell you have to be on bed rest because clearly I don't pay attention. Just wanted to thank you all for our sweet well wishes. I am doing great. I had surgery but don't fret it was totally elective but no I did not get my boobs done. I'm actually proud of what little I've got there ;) Oh like I said in the last post, my luck it would be that I'd get my shoes the day of my surgery and of course I did. Mommy dearest scolded me when I got home high on pain meds and still waking up from anesthesia and first thing I do was open up my package with my shoes. I love them. They're cool and edgy and just what I need. Better than any remedy. Can't wait to finally get out of the house though and wear them. Probably making my social debut next weekend for one of my best friends birthdays so pictures are to be expected! Plan on catching up on all of your blogs for the next few days until my big reveal doctor's visit Tues. Very excited to be back to normal. By the way if you're that curious I had a rhinoplasty procedure done and I am in no way ashamed of it. I've always been pro plastic surgery if done for the right reasons. I've really been lucky with a great doctor and had minimal bruising and swelling and pretty much stuck to tylenol, didn't even need to use the hard stuff! Worst parts are definitely sleeping bc I normally sleep on my stomach, head buried (so that's been hard to adjust to) and not being able to wash my face. I am a grease monster!

But all is well thank goodness. If anyone has had anything done or is considering it and would like to share..I'd love to hear it.


Monday, January 4, 2010


I literally drool over this picture from the Jak&Jill blog. I want chunky platform knee highs and want to rock old school addidas kicks. But for now I'm going to have stick to some flannel pjs and comfy socks. I may have to go a little MIA for a few days depending on how I feel over the next few days. I said before in a post a while back that I have something big coming up. Well that big thing is tmrw and even though I'm excited, I'm extremely nervous as well and not looking forward to being on strict bed rest. But I know it'll be totally worth it and once I'm up to it will be back posting. =). (Not like I post everyday anyway..sooo) It's not that hard to figure out what's going on but just don't want to straigh out say it and advertise it. But I know I'll be keeping up with all of your blogs for some entertainment.


Oh and still have yet to receive my new boots which sucks. I'm sure they'll be here tmrw..perfect timing! JOKES!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had an amazing night. My first post of the new year and just wanted to say I'm excited to see what will come this year. Definitely plan to keep up on the blog. Love my bloggie friends. I've actually made a new year's resolution for the first time which I broke only hours into the new year. Ok so redo.

Me and biggie sis going for the typical sparkly new years look. And believe me there were plenty of sparkle outfits to both love and HATE that night. Quite amusing to see how many different sparkle colors can fit in one room. Anyway hope everyone has a happy and a healthy new year.