Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fly Like An Eagle

Started the new internship this week! I'm in love with the girls I work for; they're so cool and hip. All their clients are really cool too with some amazing products. Anyway clearly I'm exhausted. Sheesh how the hell am I going to make it with school and then the internship? I'm such a slacker. Today I went on an errand to drop something off and then took a lunch break but instead of getting lunch I shopped. It was so hot out so I figured I'd stop in H&M and see whats new. And I was so stoked to see that they had this ginormous winged sweater that I once saw a girl on Chictopia wearing. When I first saw it on the website I said I wanted it so badly but guessed that since I want it I won't get it. Well just got home and took a few grainy pics. I promise better post...eventually?

Wow I'm such a pig living in a room this messy. Tough.
Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. Looks cozy, I went into H&M yesterday and bought a military jacket, so good!

  2. omg i love this sweater!
    im so happy that your have this intership thing going now!!
    maybe you can take pictures of your outfits with this girls , just for fun to show us more of your fashionaable items!!

  3. I love that sweater, it looks so comfortable!
    That's great about the internship going well :)

  4. MMM that would be the best thing to curl up in. Nice blog btw!
    Bisous xx