Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Want You I Need You Oh Baby Oh Baby

Ok so I don't really watch her show but Alexa Chung is so cool. Not just because we have the same name but her style is awesome. I usually just flip through the channels and if someone interesting is on I'll watch. And once I saw her boots, I fell in love. Hard and fast.

The boots are Acne and I'm seriously crushing on them . I think this Fall it is absolutely imperative that I have these or a boot like these. Adore the ginormous wedge and platform & the surprising silver on the sole.

Dreading that summer will soon be over but looking forward to making a list of my future Fall/Winter necessities. I really want a traditional long parka, so if anyone knows of a cute one share. I also got my items from Boutique To You in the mail. I am definitely pleased although both run a little smaller than I expected but I'll see if I can make them work.


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  1. I'm always so jealous of her legs and her shoes.