Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knock Three Times

School and work are kicking my ass. I'll live. Got to close down shop today while my bosses went for a meeting with a client. I love them; it's only been four days but it's going great. Anyway while I had the time to myself to hold down the fort my laptop died so I just browsed through the endless racks of magazines the office accumulates. Fell madly in love with this Elizabeth & James sweater featured in the new InStyle mag. Hello sequins, black, sweatshirt-does it get much better. A tad pricey but fun to look at nontheless.

Now time to chill out and pos watch Adventureland (awesome movie). I eventually want to do more outfit posts but I'm such a bum when I go to school that it's not worth it & by the time I come home from work I run fast to the we'll see.



  1. Fabulous 80's staple, I think I'm falling in love!
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  2. i want it, i would wear it with some shorts and some highknee boots !!!

    thank you for your comment, i feel so much better now.

  3. i love it as well i would wear it like krly says too, and even to work :) cute blog thanks for the comment

  4. That sweater is gorgeous! Sounds like a good day ate work haha