Friday, April 30, 2010

she's got both hands in her pockets

Yes feeling so much better! Thanks for the well wishes. And hello wknd plus my brudder's birthday on sunday. Can't wait to go out and celebrate with the girls. Oh & if you're confused, my brudder (aka mi hermano) is not my actual "brother"...considering she is a she. Wasn't sure if I ever made that clear since I do mention my brud pretty often. Obviously there's a story to why we call each other brudders...anyway.....It's beautiful in nyc today and it's supposed to continue throughout the wknd. We all know my obsession with joggers lately so it's only natural that I'd be obsessed with joggers in the form of shorts for the summer. I am crazy about these IRO ones. The whole styling is brilliant too. They can be dressed up or just paired with a pair of sandals and a tee for work. Can't wait. Now kicking myself (and slapping my brud around) for deciding to skip out on a pair of grey ones I saw at Uniqlo last wknd. For some reason I thought I wouldn't wear them in heather grey and they didn't have black. Yup dummie here. Can't wait for Uniqlo to open up down the block from my office. Going to go rummage through my actual brother's sweats and see what I can cut up.
xx happy wknd.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wild in the streets, barely alive

Meh, home sick. What else is new? I swear I'm within a 100 mile radius of anyone with a cold I will catch it. My life..totally fun. What sucks even more is blowing my nose with the new piercing. Yeah ouch...and gross. Well anyway wanted to take a few pics of my new top. I ended up returning the sheer button down bc it simply wasn't me and didn't want it to just sit in my closet. I exchanged it for the top in the photos (black and white vertical stiped tank) and a pair of black harem pants that I know I will live in. I couldn't resist the tank bc a) it's not that easy finding veritcal stripes (esp in black and white) & b) hello...this totally reminded me of beetlejuice, which I really want to name our new puppy but I think it may end up being oliver. Blah blah.

May wear the top for my brudder's 23 bday this wknd, just hoping for some good nyc weather. No diy projects today. Way too groggy from all the nyquil last night. But happy birth(yester)day dad!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i know you're not afraid

Yesterday my brud and I finally found some time to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA which officially closes on Monday. Unfortunately we didn't anticipate it being completely sold out. Luckly my mom's bff Sandi hooked me up with two staff passes. Normally there's a specific time assigned to each ticket to be able to walk through, we literally went up the entrance and walked right because of the passes we had. So a HUGE thank you to Sandi. I've been such a huge fan of Tim Burton since the first film of his I saw, Batman. My all time favorite scene in any movie is when the Joker and his goons are spray painting the museum. I can watch that over and over again. I was blown away by how cool this exhibit was. Unfortunately there was a no photography allowed rule, but I snuck some on my bberry cam. Bad.

Clay art.

The Batman mask.

This was my ultimate demise in the exhibit. Seeing Edward Scissorhands' They also had catwoman's costume and the angora sweater Johnny Depp wore in Ed Wood. So cool.

Eerily delicious. Sweeny Todd's shaving blades.
Obviously brud and I managed to find ourselves in the kiddies' shape lab.

We spent the day shopping around. I picked up some cute tops at one of my good friend's store, Necessary Clothing. Will post another time. And then we continued our little adventure by strolling up St Marks Place late night...and yup got my nose pierced. I am terrified of needles but totally was fine during this. A little nervous, squeezed brud's hand but no tears. The part that hurt the most was getting the stud in my nose. But sooo worth it. I really love it.
xx happy wknd.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

have ya, grab ya till your sore

I bought this sheer button down top a few weeks back. I once saw soem blogger wear it (can't remember who) and fell in love. Saw a top at AA but opted out of buying it. Then saw a replica at h&m and thought why not it was 20 bucks. And now even though it was cheap, kinda regretting getting it because I have no idea how to pull it off. It's soooo not me. I don't typically show skin (aside from wearing mini skirts), I don't even like wearing tank tops for feeling too exposed. And now with this top I feel totally out there. In the photos I put a lace bra underneath and would never ever walk around with just that. Mom suggested just a black cami but for some reason I'm not feeling it. Was thinking about one of those corset lacey whatever bras (which obviously I don't have). So yeah I'm stuck. I really do like the top but yeah I may just have to settle with the fact that it's totally not me.
Anyway, I love love love all the comments complimenting my diy tees. Means a lot to me. Maybe I will do the diy one of these days. Actually heading to the craft store in a little bit for some more goodies.
Oh and mom bought me these pixels that I used to play with as a kid. How cute is this? Also made an "a". Hoping to find some silver chain to put them on.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

pretendin' that you're oh so shy

Been having a bad week so the only way to be distracted is to immerse myself in DIY's. Therefore continuing with my spray paint tee shirts I attempted the YSL one thanks a printed image of the logo. Tried to cover the edges with a towel so it wouldn't leak but it ended up leaking on the sides so I just ended up spraying more.

The finished product. I think it came out pretty cool.

Now my wall is quickly becoming filled with stencils. How cute is that rack I just bought to hang up most of my jewelry? You can't really see but I have two dried roses hanging off of it. Mom suggested I spray paint them black. Good thinking.

Oh and just found out I won this dress from chickdowntown. I totally forgot I entered some giveaway on her blog and just saw she tweeted my name. It's called the Saturday Night Dress. It's funky and obviously I requested it in black. Going to lay down now. Just got back from the Yankee game with my sisters. I never wanted a snuggie so badly in my life. It was freezing out. But my boys won so totally worth it...and def helped cheer my sisters and I up. =) Oh and so glad so many of you like my sex pistols tee. Makes me smile.

Oh hello. Yea no words necessary.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

you like drugs you like brew

So I did it. I made my very own Sex Pistols tee inspired by The Runaways. It involed a men's hanes tee, black spray paint, a cereal box and my mom's precision knife (that pretty much looks like a scalpel.) My buddy over at Isquisofrenia gave it a shot too and we decided to post together. Check her's out!! She's got wicked sense of style and shares my love for all things badass!!!

And the final product.

And now the stencils look pretty cool taped to my wall.

Monday, April 12, 2010

i look real hot in my tight blue jeans

Yeah yeah so what if I sound like a broken record bc I don't care. I finally got to see The Runaways this wknd at some dingy theater and hot damn I fell in love. Granted the story is pretty obvious....quick rise to fame, even quicker downfall, but dude the music and the fashion in the film are brilliant. I was definitely on the bandwagon of totally hating stewy's mullet but I seriously can't get over how hot it looked in the movie. I can't wait to dye my hair black again asap (faded way too quickly) and wish I had the balls to chop it all off. Yeah I don't. The platforms and all the leather...ugh drooling over how perfect everything looked. The film is really all about girl power and doing what you love. I seriously regret quitting my guitar lessons when I was kid bc all I want to do right now is rock out. Instead I'm jamming in my room to the soundtrack.

I am making this tee. I must I must I must!

Now I just need a pair of tight leather pants and pair them with a dingy wife beater. In love. Now get out and see this movie. I promise totally worth it. Dakota is unreal and stewy is definitely less awkward but you know I love her so I'm totally biased. However even my big sister said it was great. She's very picky and not into the things I like. See it!
Also I'm working on pitching clients to some need your help gathering some pretty awesome blogs. I tend to follow more personal style blogs but am looking for more general fashion blogs w/followings.
ps. glad you all like hamlet ;)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

i'm not your babe

Thank you for all the well wishes lovies. Feeling much better now although my allergies are totally kicking in now. Sneezing is not fun. But I'd like you all to say hello to Hamlet. Yup the skull has a name. He normally resides downstairs in my living room but I stole him for my room. Cheeky little fellow. Went to a cool restaurant with some of my girlfriends that I hadn't seen in some time last night. I was spraying Afrin in my nose while sipping some white wine. Totally worth it just for the guacamole and yummy pollo quesedillas. It was a restaurant slash lounge with a cave kind of feel. Definitely fun hanging out with girls and mingling with random group of men celebrating a bachelor party. They were all buddies from college yet not one of them was from here. I was getting lost in the brazilian and british accents. Because I still wasnt feeling well, I wore my comfy joggers and flowy black silk tank. Oh who am I kidding, I'd wear that even if I was totally fine. But am exhausted now running on a few hours of sleep and getting ready for another dinner party tonight. Ugh I guess I have to pretend to be social.
xx happy wknd

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door

Mehh. Have not been feeling well this week at all. Feels like I got punched in the throat. But am surviving and have the rest of the week off to feel better. Who knew that dayquil/nyquil would be my new best friends? I'm that girl in the corner chugging away. And seriously of course I would get sick when it hit 91 degrees in central park today. And instead of enjoying the heat I was in a suite in the Waldorf all day. But it was for good reasons. Tonight's a big deal charity event and one of our clients donated to the gift bag so I was there stringing bracelets. Not complaining. If a free bracelet will help get people to donate money to the chairty that helps homeless women, then I would gladly do it again. Maybe minus the uber swollen sore throat. So yeah no piccies today since I'm death. But man I love this angel photo. Come knocking at my door baby.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

and what are feelings without emotions

Happy easter to all of you that celebrate. Doing absolutely nothing today aside from tanning in the backyard with the twins (my lil bro and sis). It's beautiful in nyc. Not quite warm enough to whip out the bikini so I opted for my flannel and frilly binki bottoms. Hey it's a look. Just wanted to do a quick post of my new tattoo. Isn't the smiley cute? Yeah no. It's more me just being my dirty self and haven't removed the absolutely unnecessary stamp that the bouncers at last night's bar felt that had to brand me with.

But I really would love something like this. Man I love tats. If I wasn't so terrified of needles I'd want crazy art work on my body. But what about something little? It's more of the idea of seeing the needle than the actual pain that freaks me out. You'd think I'd be used to needles considering I'm always at my dad's clinic. But nope...terrifying. *shivers*

Friday, April 2, 2010

not my time to wonder why

Finally got my hands on a Runaways tee and this one is from urban outfitters. It's mens so it fits baggy and is super comfortable. I love that it has a real image on it. I'm considering distressing but I'm afraid to ruin it. Anyway I love it and can't wait to wear it out either with ripped black skinnies or just a plain tight mini. Also you can kind of see my new Alex and Ani "A" initial ring that I also got at urban outffiters. I've been obsessing lately over Alex and Ani's personal bangles you can make at Bendels & I love monogram anything, so I was stoked to find the ring. Got some other goodies from urban; pretty much just plain tees and this silence and noise baggy burnout sweater with short sleeves. It's big and long enough to wear as dress during the summer. Speaking of which...hello beautiful weather nyc. I gave in and laid out. Got some color but pretty much just loved laying out for hours and not freezing my ass off. So hello wknd, hope all of you that celebrate Easter have a very happy easter!