Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Steal My Shine

Did some shopping this weekend. Got a few things that hopefully I'll get to wear soon including an oversized striped sweater from Zara which is just so comfy. I love. Also got these babies from Steve Madden yesterday. I spent the day in the city with my dad planning for just dinner and a movie (I know I'm really cool). I also made him come with me to Steve Madden because I wanted to return a pair of boots I bought. I liked the boots I bought but they weren't the original ones I intended to get so I was hoping going to a different location they would have them. Clearly they didn't, so I kept the boots and got these shoes. I swear my dad is the coolest bc as I was leaving the store kind of sad not finding the right boots he goes to me 'hey lex don't you need new flats?' Aw dad I taught you well. So yup ended up with these Tuxedo shoes that need desperate breaking in but can't wait to wear them with jeans and leggings.
The movie I saw was Surrogates (I'm a huge movie buff..used to be a film I'll see anything depsite bad reviews). Skip it. It was lame. Ugh I hate when people come up with great ideas and they just don't know what to do with them or when they translate bad on screen. Sucks. Anyway, although I had a pretty low key Saturday night, as my dad and I were walking out of the restaurant we heard the loudest smash. And as I look to my side an SUV hit a man running across the street. I almost threw up right there and bursted out crying. I saw cops eating in the diner next to the restaurant and started screaming for them to come out. Luckily they were EMS cops. The guy was definitely alive bc I saw him sit up but I was totally shaken up, I'll never forget that sound. My dad dragged me away after bc he saw how I was totally flipping out inside.
That was my half of the wknd so far. Hope the guy is ok. All I want to do is relax for the rest of this long wknd. I have a few more hours before I decide to fast for Yom Kippur and I'm kind of leaning towards an "errrr naa". So bad. Hope you guys are having a good wknd though. =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess you forgot my name

Been a little mia...tons of work and school and you know the usual nonsense. But just got home from a night out with my "brudder". Went out to celebrate my boss's birthday. Her partner (my other boss) had arranged a mini surprise party at a pretty chill bar in the city. I arranged the Magnolia cupcakes! =) Clearly that's what I'm good at. Promise better updates soon once things settle down a bit. Feet took a beating today after being in school and then trekking around in heels. I want to be in the exact position as Ash and wrapped up in an equally comfy sweater. I think some thrifting is definitely in order soon. Hoping to get in a decent shopping trip tmrw. In desperate need of Fall boots although today's 80 something degree weather may differ. But I'm aiming for a simple black leather riding boot. I saw a cute pair on the Steve Madden website of course not in my size so hopefully they'll be in stock in the store.

Oh and attempted the topknot tonight mainly bc my hair looked gross from running around all day and not enough time to actually make it decent. Yea I just looked like a hot mess. =( No pictures tn except of a very excited amazing boss being bombarded with surprises. Check out my brudder's blog. If you love all things'll be in heaven.


Monday, September 21, 2009

You Still Call Me Baby

Week just started and am already tired. Luckily a kitkat can work wonders on uplifting my mood. Spent the weekend just with family for the holiday. Ugh I need to start taking more outfit pictures unfortunately I can be extremely lazy and therefore stick to my uniform of leggings and and something oversized. I'm either at school (which I refuse to dress up come on) or at work and we're pretty laid back there so I don't try too hard either. I swear one day I will make an effort. Also got my long over due haircut this weekend. I've been going to the same girl for years and never really had a problem but ughhh I am miserable with my hair right now. I swear it's only a little trim and if you knew me you probably would never see the difference but I feel it. My ends feel way too thick since I refuse to have layers (bad experience) and my bangs are at such an awkward length that I'm having trouble blowing them out. I swear it was like a different girl cut my hair. All I want to do is throw it up in a bun on top of my head (like I wear in the house) and call it a day. It's usually when I try to throw it up, that's when it doesn't come out cool. But I was once at a party for Lord and Taylor and a bunch of models were there and everyones hair was thrown up..loved it. I need to do it when I'm half asleep, that's when I'll like the way it looks...I know me.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Chain me to the...

Got my package from Forever today in the mail. Overall pleased. Got two sets of bracelets. One is the above which I adore. I'm so into mixing metals and we all know by now I'm stuck in my grunge/rock n roll phase so I'm definitely digging all things chains. It's just a little big around my wrist which is no biggie. I also got a set of bangles that aren't on the site anymore. Got them mainly for the two pyramid ones. Those also are pretty big of my wrist but I'll figure something out. And for five bucks come on. I love Forever but they annoy me because after I order they always add so much new cute stuff on the site. Damn shipping. Seriously craving this bracelet right now. Oh and I also got this in red because we all know about my new obsession with pretty little step to give me someone to show them off to. Ok wait that's way besides the point. ;)

Yay it's Friday..wknd. Today's also the jewish new year so Shana Tova! It's tradition for us to eat apples and honey..ugh my favorite treat!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Long week and a fight with a certain someone isn't helping. But I'm glad you guys like the pics from the press preview. Been running around a lot and realized I need a new great comfy pair of flats. Taylor on RZP was wearing such cute loafers in Monday's episode, I wish I can get a pic. I never thought I could like loafers again. I used to make fun of my mom for buying JP TODS in every single color. But I guess mother knows best because she has them in every single color and they have lasted her for years and years. Well now I'm in need of a good loafer; trying to switch it up from the usual ballet flat (ugh they bore me).

I actually just tried these on the other, dumb me for not buying them. How cute are they? Forever21 has a cute pair too but they're patent leather which I'm ehh on. And while we're still on Bakers aren't these adorable too? I'm really loving the whole oxford english look these days. Will probably head back to the mall and pick them up.

Hope you're all having a good week...I'm anxiously waiting for a package from Forever. Taking too damn long.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Press Preview

I told you I would show you guys some pictures from the press preview. Well here you go. Not going to mention the names of the designers for credits issues. Bla bla bla I'm sure you know what I mean. (Well you can obviously see from one picture one name of the clients.) But thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from the day. I have so many to go through but this is pretty much all of it. Except that we also had two bedrooms that were filled with different handbags in amazing colors. Enjoy!
Are those skull stands not to die for? I love.

My absolute favorite designer of all them. She's so cool and her all her pieces are like grungy rock n roll chic. She begged me to wear some of them during the day. I was like you don't have to ask me twice. Can't wait to wear more of her.
Me wearing some stuff. How amazing is that bracelet?

Although it was crazy it was so fun to play dress up and just keep switching off pieces throughout the two days. It was like a new outfit every hour. Love it.


Friday, September 11, 2009

I Like My Money Right Where I Can See It

...hanging in my closet. One of my fave SATC quotes. Got through the long and stressful press preview and therefore fashion week for me is dunzo. Was too exhausted from last nights madness of having to show the clients and then clean up the hotel room so I unfortunately didn't participate in Fashion's Night Out. Was gonna go to Saks to see J.Timb but been there done that so I opted out. A friend asked me to come to Lord & Taylor and write an article about what went on last night but again too tired. So yea I was a party pooper but did drink plenty of champagne with my bosses in our room in between clients. Btw I work for a fashion pr firm that focuses on up and coming accesories desginers. I don't work for a magazine, in case I might have confused you. I promise once I upload the pictures I took from the past two days I will post them here and show you guys what it was all about.

Anyway got these fabo boots. And most of you know by now I've been complaining that I want lace up boots. Well here these babies are and even though I haven't worn them yet, I love them and can't wait to play dress up. Oh and yup got them on Ebay. It was a buy it now or best offer and yea my mom's a serious pro on ebay and we got a great deal: a total of 25 bucks including the shipping.

And one day when I'm not lazy I'll start using my camera and not just my laptop. Thanks to you guys for commenting and keeping me calm during fashion week. It really helped. =) Have a good wknd!
Also today is a sad day in NYC. We will never forget all those people we lost 8 years ago today. I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news and not to mention the countless hours my family & I would stand by the bay & see where the beautiful skyline has changed. I even remember standing in my backyard and ashes flying all around my neighborhood. That's how close. Never Forget.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take It Home Baby

Fashion week has begun which means hectic hectic hectic. Spent all day and most of the night at the hotel setting up for tomorrow's big press event featuring all our clients only to have to wake up in a few hours and head back. So officially exhausted and wish I was in a bed with satin sheets with a bat to hit something. Sometimes it just fun to break things. Although I'm stressed and about to be running on very low sleep and have a terrible tummy ache, I'm excited to see how everything works out tomorrow. Plus got my bff to help out with the event. Accessories, bff and champagne...I can't complain.

Peace until the madness is over ;)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what comes after hate? H-NINE!

Haha..I love that joke (title) for some reason. Heard my cousin telling it to his son who's 8 and he goes dad that's not funny. Meanwhile I'm 21 laughing hysterically. Cool lex! Anyway been spending this weekend mainly soaking up the last of the sun. I guess this is the official last weekend of summer. Sucks even though I've been begging for some cooler weather but I'm quickly eating my words. Aside from tanning and spending time with the fam for the holiday wknd I made a bunch of these bracelets in minature sizes for my cousin. Her son's school is having their annual fundraiser and she thought it'd be a good idea if I made some bracelets for them. (Pre-k to 5th yea I call them teacup bracelets...hehe if you watch Trueblood you'll understand that reference.) My little cousins go to PS 8 so instead of my usual spiritual charms I made a whole bunch with the number "8". Hard to see in the pic but they are adorable.

Prepping this week with the office for our big press event for all the clients for fashion week. Instead of a fashion show because these are mainly accessories desginers, we have a suite rented where all the accessories will be displayed and editors will be walking in and out. So that means busy week. Hope everyone is having a good holiday wknd.


Friday, September 4, 2009


The other day in class we were asked to admit our favorite tv guilty pleasures and hey I am not ashamed to admit that The Rachel Zoe Project is my ULTIMATE fave. I don't even see it as a guilty pleasure because I am so in love with her, her style, and her team. "I Die!" I swear I watch each episode several times to seriously take in all the fabulous outfits RZ and Taylor wear (not the mention the fabulousness of Brad). I love even more that RZ is all about things vintage and she has a serious collections of fur that's to die for.

Unfortunately as much as I love the way it looks, I can't bring myself to wear fur. Dad's a vet, mum's a serious animal lover. Yea so I grew up with all things animals. However I do eat meat (rarely though) and wear leather, so I guess I'm a hypocrite to some people but it's just something about fur that I can't wear. I even own a fur coat given to me as a present by my aunt and uncle which is gorgeous but I can't wear it. (My uncle owns a pretty serious leather manufacturing company in the city which provides leather for furniture but also designers including Uggs.) But I cannot help but love the look of a plush cream fur vest as seen on RZ.

Good news for me there are so many designers now going pro-PETA and working with the faux look and I am in love. Last year my little sister talked me out of getting a faux one (that was simply gorgeous) from Forever21 bc she said I looked like big foot. Major regret esp since it was like 30 bucks. I swear I'm not listening to people talk me out of buying things ever again. Maybe that one will come back to stores but I also really love this on by Rachel Roy for Macy's. "Bananas!" Who would have known I'd love Monday nights; thank you RZP! Plus just read this article about RZ's collection coming to QVC! YES!!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knock Three Times

School and work are kicking my ass. I'll live. Got to close down shop today while my bosses went for a meeting with a client. I love them; it's only been four days but it's going great. Anyway while I had the time to myself to hold down the fort my laptop died so I just browsed through the endless racks of magazines the office accumulates. Fell madly in love with this Elizabeth & James sweater featured in the new InStyle mag. Hello sequins, black, sweatshirt-does it get much better. A tad pricey but fun to look at nontheless.

Now time to chill out and pos watch Adventureland (awesome movie). I eventually want to do more outfit posts but I'm such a bum when I go to school that it's not worth it & by the time I come home from work I run fast to the we'll see.