Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peek A Boo

(photo: justjared)
I'm pretty sure it's just me but when I go out at night I tend to never wear blue jeans because I never feel like I'm dressed up. I have a ton of jeans yet never seem to wear them out (unless during the day). I'm sure it has to do with my weird obsession of not having too many colors on in one outfit. Ie: color cardigan, color tank, color shoes and then the blue jeans. Even though I know blue jeans shouldn't count because they are a staple, it's just my weird thing. That's probably why I always stick to wearing all black because I'm extremely neurotic. Anyway today I had the sudden urge that I NEED to have skinny black jeans. I own several pairs (inlcuding one of my favorites by Paige Denim) but I don't really have the perfect black skinnies. And since the closest thing to my house is the mall which the only decent store it has is F21, I resorted to that.

Usually when I go to my mall looking for something in particular I never get it so I was surprised when I ended up buying the PERFECT black ripped skinny jeans. These are them online but they don't look nearly as sloppy as they do in that picture on. I have them also in white but in a size too big but I was desperate (& didn't want to spend a lot on white jeans bc with my dirtyness who knows how long they'd last). But I got them in the right size and am considering slashing the knees more like I did on my whites on.

I also went to H&M where I never usually find anything I like. But I was recently looking at Fashion Toast's blog & she was discussing the types of bras she wears & I fell in love with the idea of a lacey non wire triangle bra. Especially since I've been buying a few tee shirts that are low cut and wouldn't look right with regular bras. (I'm small busted so I can pull off the non support thing which is actually what I love.) And lo and behold I find an adorable lace triangle bra in the store for 13 bucks. Can't go wrong. And it actually does give me a little support. So for once I'm extremely pleased with my purchases from the mall. Plus my mum bought me a chocolate covered strawberry from favorite.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good week although the humidity in nyc is horrendous, my hair is one big frizzball. But the other night I had such a blast with my girlfriends. We went to see this British musician named Bobby Long (he co wrote a song for the Twilight soundtrack) at a bar in the city and he was sooooo amazing (& sexy). I've learned to appreciate going to local bars and listening to music rather than mainstream stuff. It's way more fun. Hoping to discover more cool artists.

xx bbz


  1. you purchases sound wonderful. i think that we small-busted gals should definitely embrace wearing tiny little pretty bras. i love mine. i have a ton from AA and some from urban outfitters, and now it's hard to go back to regular ones.

    i want some black skinnies too. i may have to head out to f21 myself.

    the little violet dress

  2. What song did he co-write, i have listened to the cd a million times. I was admiring Rumi's bras too, and i want a triangle lace one now too!

  3. she makes jeans look so cool , especially skinny jeans , which reminds me to get a pair , i never ever buy jeans but im gonna go ahead and follow on your advice and go to f21 to get some

    much love!!!