Sunday, August 29, 2010

all my life i wanted to be someone

We meet again. Hope everyone is having a good wknd. Mine's been relaxing. Decided to forego the booze for reading & watching movies in bed. Plus get my tan on since we had beautiful weather this weekend. Meh summer's almost over. Also just got back from the movies with my mom, dad and lil jose. Saw Last Exorcism. I love all those bullshit, semi scary movies. Just entertainment for me. Plus Eli Roth produced it & who doesn't love Bear Jew? You all better know who Bear Jew is. Just saying. Anyway, just playing in my room in my fave f21 sun dress (actually my only sundress bc why on earth would I of all people own more than one). It's pretty. Not me. But I still love it.


  1. hahhah yeah i know you love my comments hah
    girl you look so tan and so hot!!!
    i want to go see that movie too, but i didnt!
    i was supposed to go last night
    anyways girl i know what you mean about dresses, i have a few but i rarely wear
    have a nice sunday!!!

  2. great shots !
    im loving the silhouette effects !
    hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend :)
    glistersandblisters dot com

  3. I love, love, love these pictures. You need to wear sundresses more often - you are gorg!! :)

  4. Loving the light x shadow effects on this pics! Amazing!

  5. Nice pics, dear;)