Sunday, August 15, 2010

i know just how to feel

Can we please take a second to look at the epicness of how cool these shoes are? Yea...I mean. I need. And want to know the best damn part? They're both from f21! Under 20 bucks. I mean. The color of the boots are to die for and the coolness of the flats are epic. I just picture dirty skinny british rock n roll dudes wearing them. Which obviously means I need them and want to look like a dirty british rock n roll dude. I mean who doesn't? Right? Just me?...hmm. Ok my wknd consisted of too much feasting, booze & unnecessary large stamps on my hand. Back to nap.


  1. I like the brown boots a lot. They will go with my jeans and plaid fall look. However, I am short and may need more of a heel. Love you, babe!

  2. omg i need a pair of flat boots. kay i know i've been saying that for a long time = = but it's true!

    i can't believe you found these. amazing! dirt cheap too.

    i need to go to F21 more often!

  3. Ooh, so I'm not the only one completely smitten with Forever 21's shoe selections right now, I see. I ordered a pair of pumps last night, and I'm thinking of ordering a pair of wedges today. Their new shoes are phenom!! :)

  4. oh those boots are so cool
    and those oxfords are killer
    i acutally wanna get some of those
    and i totally get you when you say how you wanna wear them cuz i do too!!!!

  5. The second pair are great. I have similar ones

  6. Awesome shoes <3

  7. Under 20 bucks? No way, really? Awesome!

  8. Oooh! That's something mouth-watering.
    Both shoes are adorable!