Thursday, July 29, 2010

be my baby

Bad bad blogger. I know. I swear I'll get back into the swing of things...eventually. I'm just in one of those moods you know? I've been kinda stuck in my books lately. Blame my reading from keeping me away. But I did a little shopping today. Ended up with an amazing casual blazer from Club Monaco for fall and way too much chocolate from Godiva. I swear those chocolate covered strawberries and macaroons will be the death of me. I cannot move.

I'm just in love with her outfit. I think it's the pants.

No questions asked.

I dig Caroline's outfit. I love the awkward length of the skirt with the ankle boots. I can see my self chopping up my maxi skirt to this length come Fall. Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I'll put together some outfits soon.



  1. ooh those outfits are outfits that i couldn't rock . but those girls rock them very well

  2. don't worry about being a bad blogger. sometimes other things in life are waaay more important.

    i checked out like 6 books from the lib a week ago... still haven't finished them! what's wrong with me?! usually i speed through them like i'm in a race or something.

    anyway i'm glad you're reading. cuz reading's good for you :3 <3 shopping is too. and a little chocolate (or a lot) :D

    awweh it sucks that you found out through a fricking social network. i guess.. people do drift apart. and after the drifting-apart stage there's the what-do-i-do-now stage. i think it's good that you've decided to move on. you are an awesome person and i'm sure, judging by all the pics on your blog, that you have other close friends to spend time with and have fun with.

    don't regret anything! you might have had the best times with your oldest best friend, but there's still room to make more xxx

  3. Gah, Caroline's outfit equals love!! :)

  4. 1: I think the shirt does some things too.
    3: I like that combination. Quite retro?

  5. i wanna see your purchases hahah
    and yeah shes really cool like effortless and her bf is so cool too
    and yeah i was like that too
    i didnt almost blog for 2 days and then i hit me
    but yeah have a fun weekend!

  6. I love the first (super cool) outfit! And Godiva chocolates are the best!!!

  7. love shopping! post pics of the purchases :)

  8. Awesome photos! <3