Monday, July 19, 2010

forget the ones you love

Today I had a quarter-life crisis. The sad part is is that I haven't even reached the "quarter" part in my life yet. Humph. Well to make up for the shitty days my favorite photograph Moni posted a new set of photos on JohnnysBird. And the best part? The model this time was one of my favorite bloggers, Sandy. Posted a few of my favorite from the shoot including Sandy posing in from of the Sick store in london. Ugh I need to go asap. And obviously my favorite photo? Clearly the rob pattinson poster. Le sigh. Oh and saw Inception this weekend. Sick!!


  1. Awesome photos!!! Where's that shop? It looks awesome..+ sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx

  2. SICK PICS! haha
    I love em! AWESOME!


  3. Gorgeous photos!

    Definitely have to check out Inception soon.

  4. you know its funny cuz i found this photos of this girl from some photoshoot or something and i was like wait this girl looks like sandi and then i went to your blog and it was the same girl
    maybe youve seen it already but ill post them later on anyways
    shes cool!

  5. Ohmigosh I LOVE these pictures! I feel like so many people I know are in the midst of a quarter-life crisis right now - fingers crossed that I'm not next. :P

  6. Awesome pics!;)

  7. I love that second pic, super cool!

  8. Beautiful! You come up with the most interesting pots.

  9. That model-blogger is hot! Cool picture.

    Charlotte x

    The Style Rail