Saturday, September 4, 2010

grabbed my coat and i was freaking

I did some damage today....and it felt good. Did some shopping because no one wanted to hang out with me. I'm finally home with nothing to do and no one wants to be friend. Who the fuck am I kidding. I'd rather shop anyway. Bought some great pieces for fall including these black and white oversized sweaters. It's the same sweater but I had to get both colors bc they're super soft. From h&m. Found a pair of amazing trousers there as well. Also got some more pieces from gap and f21 including a pair of green cargo jeans. Can't wait to wear everything. Need to rest up this week starts soon & I have five events I'm hosting. They're going to be massive & I can't wait to tell you guys who shows up...hint? One event is for the double c logo & I'm sure you all know who's top dog there. ;)


  1. aww you look so cold and cute! i am a new follower! return the favor? :)

    hope to be friends!

    love, polly

  2. Oversized sweaters are perfection; as is retail therapy! :)

  3. where do you get this money babe?!

    love the oversized sweaters.

    i love sweaters. love everything bout em :D esp since fall's coming.

    i also love crop tops. NEED MOREEEE

    wait.. wait.. NEED TO /SAVE?...

  4. omg omg!! i know i know hhahha
    i got 2 things at h&m too
    and well im happy
    but i really need a black sweater just like yours
    looks so rad and loose!
    cant wait for nyfw
    you lucky you live there!

  5. Hey babe. I'm your friend. I too bought some oversize sweaters but have no idea what to wear them with. It's not really cold in Austin yet. You look gorgeous. I love your hair. Keep us informed on fashion week. xoxo

  6. Love the sweaters, it's great to have one in every color!!!