Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm a fool for misery

Wawa...I'm a horrible blogger as of late. Things were a bit hectic so I kind of abandoned my laptop for some time. Plus I just came back from a weekend in the hamptons. Had a good time with my sister and her friends. It pretty much consisted of pool, sweat, beer showers, smiley face stickers, meatheads & more sweat. Oh and I just came home, mind you I showered 2x and found another smiley face sticker embedded on my back. Ha.

Clearly my sister her bff are in love.

Can you tell which is my sister? Everyone obviously figured we were sisters from our smiles. But.....everyone thought I was older =( Whatever, I'm never getting older. Btw I'm on the end sitting with the beer and my sister is next to me in the aviators. I promise to be a better blogger.



  1. hi hi

    it's alright

    you've been posting at least

    i've kinda just skipped out on blogger for a whole week

    i TOTALLY could tell you two are sisters :D

    go make a list and get inspired!

  2. Gah, you and your sister are gorg!! :)

  3. Hahaha, that first pic is so funny!

  4. Such cute pictures :-)

  5. thats so fun loooks like you guys had a blast there
    you still have to show us a better photo of your hair dont forget
    hahahha and yeah your sis and you look so alike!

  6. You and your sister is adorable :)

  7. haha your photos are adorable !

    xx lue