Monday, July 12, 2010

want my time- i'm willing yeah

Two new rompers in the mail today and this is one of them. Not an ounce of black. I'm proud. It's navy and it's got that cool tribal print going on. What's great about it is that on each shoulder you can untie the knots in the straps to make it as tight or as loose as you want. And the back falls a little lower than the front. Of course pockets just seal the deal. By the way a few asked what color I dyed my hair...unfortunately you cannot see in these pics bc I'm the worst photog ever. But I dyed it red. It's pretty red on top but since my ends were still pretty black the color didn't hold as much. My hair is kinda ombre right now. I dig it. Especially when the light catches it. It's very different for me. Hopefully I'll come up with some pics to show it.


  1. Cute tribal print! I love the color too.

  2. I LOVE your romper - you are becoming the romper queen! And I imagine your hair looks gorg!! :)

  3. oh i so jealous, you got 2 jumpers in the mail.
    i love love getting stuff like that!
    and also yeah we cant see it very well, but i totally can see what you mean about your hair
    you look awesome with curly hair, is that your natural hair curly?
    anyways girl yeah take a photo of your hair so we can see it better!

  4. cute romper :D tribal print makes me really happy too haha.

    i can't rly see it well but i think red will def suit you. it's very quirky and fun.

    i dyed the insides of my hair red abt two years ago. i actually rly liked it but it faded super fast. the ends of my hair was yellow for a good year :/

  5. have yet to find a fab tribal print romper but yours is perfect <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour