Friday, August 6, 2010

never said i wanted to improve my station

Just some things I'm diggin' lately & thought I'd share. I want to live in that sweater all winter long. Damn why am I even thinking of winter considering it's a suana outside? But yes...oversized (possibly colorful) knits are in my future.

Two amazing outfits. Although brown is not particularly flattering on me..I'm into this outfit. Probably try something out in black although I own nothing of the sort. Yea I need to shop.

And this...well just because. Started out as a crazy week. My sister had to have an emergency run to the hospital after our orthopedist found something off in her foot that was causing her pain. This led my uncle (an oncologist) calling for an emergency mri and biopsy. Luckily during the biopsy they were able to rule out needing any bone marrow. Which then led to the discovery that whatever it is (I will never be able to learn the medical term I hear going back btw my dad & uncle) is benign. She's stuck on crutches for a bit & has some pain but it could've been worse. Also I got some good news which I will eventually share. So the week's ending on a good note.
xx happy wknd


  1. i love these photos, sounds like you had a crazyweek! hospital visits are never fun

  2. I love Andy from stylescrapbook

  3. Awesome photos! Have a nice weekend;)

  4. I'm so glad that everything worked out for your sister - that must have been terrifying! Can't wait to hear about your good news, my love!

    Happy, Happy Weekend!! :)

  5. ugh that sweater is to die!


  6. Love that first outfit & that sweater does look comfy :)

  7. I hope the week gets better...and I love both outfits, the shape of the brown pants is fabulous (like you I dont wear a lot of brown either)...and the sweater is gorgeous

  8. Lovely outfits! I love the first one!

  9. oh congrats thats good you got another job , i m still jobless hahhah
    i need to start looking for one
    and the sweater is so cool
    i actually want that one too!
    and yeah girl ill be commenting as long as you keep this blog going hahha
    love ya too!

  10. loves the chunky sweater, and Andi's style is so damn perfect <2a

  11. hahha oops dunno what '<2a' is ehh x