Tuesday, August 24, 2010

now I don't hardly know her

Clearly someone needs to do a little shopping. Aka me. Hanging out before bedtime browsing topshop. Can you see the theme? Yeah thought so. There's so many amazing knits on the site...I can't wait to get my hands on some....as well as my next paycheck ;). And I love the tapered trousers. I definitely want to pair them with one of the knits and my oxford shoes. Perfect fall looks. But I will admit...I am not ready for it. It was barely 70 in the city today. WTF! It's August dude. Reality check right there. Where's everyone shopping for their chunky knits? You know I'm one for discovering new things.


  1. i love that second sweater. topshop gets me everytime

    xx lue

  2. knits rock. i need more more more!

    esp oversized ;D

    i've been wanting this pair of mint green trousers from AA since.. forever, but haven't really ventured down to Metro to browse the store yet :O and i can't really online shop w/o paypal or a credit card so... that sucks.


    jeez i keep telling myself to save save save and.. i spend :P

    hope your wishing list gets fulfilled! mine rly won't be anytime soon...

  3. do not even mention shopping, as i am actually broke, while shops are leading me into temptation... panst are gorgeous!

  4. so yesterday i got this black pants a bit like those just the material is really thin and soft perfect for summer i guess
    and i never wear pants like that oh and also they are not to tight on the bottom, wait maybe they are not like those hahhah
    but anyways i was thinking wearing them with combat boots and then i thought of you.
    yes chunky knits are the best
    im going to san francisco next week for a week, man i need some warm clothes and i dont own shit like that
    this 2 sweaters would come in handy

  5. I've been having a problem with resisting knits myself lately. I may have accidentally bought one (or five!) fabulous knits on a shopping trip to Target a few days ago!! :P

  6. i'm so excited for winter! ahhhhh, this summer has been way too hot .

  7. Beautiful knits! I'm impossible to resist!

  8. Online shopping can be really dangerous.
    That black knit looks so comfy and I would like to get one too!