Sunday, September 12, 2010

beggin on my knees

I don't know where to begin describe my past few nights. As you all know fashion week kicked off in nyc last week. My company and I participated in two MAJOR events that were so unbelievably cool that I can't believe I was a part of them. One was double C dinner with very special guests (I won't say the actual names of the events but you can figure it out) including KL. The people I've met, I will never forget. There was one point I had to have 3 bodyguards on me bc people were trying to get past me and my list. Overwhelming but amazing. On friday I had another event that was more rock n' roll for our clients magazine launch. Took shots of tequila with models, socialites and actors (including one that plays an actor on very popular hbo show).

I didn't take any pics but here's a shitty one of Iggy performing. Seriously how fucking awesome! We were sprayed with champagne and he jumped in the crowd to surf. I can't believe this was technically me working. I have two more events this week for my clients. So it's not over yet. Didn't get home until 4am each night but so worth it. Makes all the hard work we put in pay off.

Oh and figured I'd show some new shit I've been buying including these spectacular shoes that I immediately ordered from f21. Surprisingly, I have a few pairs of shoes from there and none hurt me feet like some of my expensive shoes.

Also came home to this baby. A good way to end the week. So I hope you understand why I'm so mia with my job. It's bc of these insane events we're putting together. But it's so rewarding Btw if you haven't figured out my event from thursay night...just look at my present. ;)


  1. ah totally amazing way to end your week! and the events sound like they were a blast! wish you could've snapped more behind the scenes.


  2. sounds enthralling! I can't wait to have a job and stop being a student! :)

    love, polly

  3. Ohmigosh I think I need to buy those shoes! I have been eyeing them for ages on; but until now I didn't realize how fabulous they were - need!! :)

  4. Sounds like the perfect job! Super cool!

  5. omg im jealous!
    the chanel did you see all gorgeous faces
    you have to tell me about it!!!
    and was the other one at don hills???
    cuz i know iggy performed somewhere around there no?
    i know chloe was there but im not sure
    i cant believe you saw iggy there
    omg i will kill for your job!!
    most important you got your bag, i dont own one yet but one day!

  6. Can I have the bag too please kthx

  7. Oh, I absolutely love those boots.
    They're so beautiful!