Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've kind of been obsessed with vintage tee shirts for a while now. And now that I can finally walk outside without a jacket, I can wear some of my favorites. I was on the hunt for a while for a vintage Harely Davidson tee shirt but couldn't seem to find anything I liked without having to cough up a few hundred bucks for a tee. My mom is kind of an ebay fanatic (caramia's collection) and told me I'd be sure to find something there. Yup, I did. At first I kind of skeeved the idea of ebay and clothes and what not, but I got over it and I just got my tee shirt in the mail for only 15 bucks. It's really cute and worn out looking, not to mention a few holes (ie: next time read the full description). But overall I like it.

I love that you can just pair a great tee shirt with anything. Tonight I was planning on wear the H.D tee with a tight black mini...maybe pics?? Now I'm looking for a lighter color tee since I sort of normally stick to black. I really like MK's vintage Rolling Stones tee in this pic. Very worn in looking. And the way she piled on the

I also found this cool website with some pretty awesome tee shirts. They have some cool movie based ones. I bought this one in a few sizes too big so it's long enough to wear with leggings. I absolutely love it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it which surprised me because it's just a Transformers tee, but cool.

So I guess that means that tees and denim cutoffs are going to be my main summer staples. What are some of yours?

xx smiley


  1. Denim shorts and vintag-y tees, can't be that bad! Love the one you bought!

  2. I got really into vintage tees too lol and yes, with denim cutoffs they look perfect.. :)

  3. vintage tees are great ,simple but great! haha :)

  4. I love the look of vintage tshirts too, MK's is perfect!

  5. vintage band tees are my fav. unfortunatly i dont have enough of them in my life :(

  6. Love vintage tees. American Apparel sells some really soft ones.. my last vintage tee came from there and I love it. MKO rocks that look so well and I dig the necklace with the t-shirt. Perfect!

    xo, Becs