Sunday, May 17, 2009

Itty Bitty

Just came across this pic of Lilo out and about town in LA and I'm totally digging her outfit, particularly her cropped tank. It seems as of late everything has become itty bitty and cropped to expose a little belly, or in Lilo's case lack there of (not gonna lie: jealous!) It used to be taboo and a major no-no to show some belly without being way too risque. But Lilo definitely pulls it off here especially with her flared jeans. It doesn't look, as one would day, "slutty" at all.

I'm kind of glad the cropped top is back, it gives me more motivation to continue my twice a day daily crunches work out. (But where are my results already!!??!!) However, last year, before people like Lilo were rocking the cropped top, I bought a cropped tee from American Apparel. Before I came home from Florence my friends and I found this cool clothing store (way overpriced) that sold these adorable Chloe cropped tees with weird abstract images on them. Unfortunately that was around the time my trip was coming to end and therefore I had pretty much drained my bank account for all its worth and didn't want to spend 80 euros on a tee. That's where the AA tee came in.

Although I have yet to wear it for fear of looking too risque, I can sense that it's definitely going to come in handy this summer as a staple in wardobe. Maybe even paired with my wide leg J Brands could be cute. I also found this adorable top from Singer22 by Wildfox (my new favorite brand, everything looks worn in and vintage and is so comfy). It doesn't looked to be as cropped as my AA tee and nowhere nearly as cropped as Lilo's tank, so it's definitely easier to wear for the more conservative.

Can't wait to whip out my cropped tee, well maybe not until my 6 pack shows (hah just kidding).

ps: if anyone can identify Lilo's top, I would love know who makes it. Thanks :-)

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  1. Lohan has some cool style to her, i love the top.
    Thank you for your comments , your sweet.

    I also have tagged you!