Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember that episode of Sex & The City when Carrie goes on her first date with Mr.Big? Now remember that dress? Yup, I mean the naked dress! Charlotte claimed it was a big no-no because she screamed SEX and come on it was a first date. And yes I may have my own ideas about sex on the first date but HELLO did that dress scream sexy or what? And it was definitely because of its fabulous color: nude.

I've been seeing nude everywhere as of late and I absolutely love it. It can be worn many different ways, not just as "the naked dress". (But let me tell you that I'm kind of dying for my own naked dress this summer.) Just look at Angelina Jolie in this gorgeous Versace gown she wore to Brad's premiere of Inglorious Basterds (yes it's spelled like that) at the Cannes film festival. Fab! (I may like Brad a tiny bit more though...just a tiny bit.)
Now I may not have my own film to premiere (yet) therefore I don't need a floor length gown but there are great alternatives. I love this dress from Forever21. It's so fresh, fun and flirty and can definitely be worn to many different occasions throughout the summer. Even this adorable skirt from American Apparel that can worn as a dress too is great.

So let's get naked. Well maybe not exactly but we can still wear clothes while feeling a little

xx smiles


  1. Angie did look awesome. I loved that episode of SATC, I've been searching for the perfect naked dress ever since! xx

  2. thanks sweetie :) and I love that SATC episode too haha always a memorable episode!! :)


  3. nude is pure perfection, I always loved that dress.

  4. I loveeee that picture hehe. Although, I love Brad Pitt more.......