Thursday, May 7, 2009

DIY Denim

Today I am sick and stuck in bed. Not a very fun day. Besides drinking tea and watching a marathon of The Millionaire Matchmaker, I was going through some magazines I have lying around. When I made my way to my May 2009 issue of InStyle, I found their own tutorial of DIY bleached, destroyed jeans. I don't know how I missed it. I've been meaning to bleach a pair of my jeans but haven't figured out which pair I'm going to use.

I don't normally use tutorials or directions. I'm a 'just wing it' kind of girl. But I may end up using this one because I've heard some horror stories about too much bleach. So I thought I'd share InStyle's "This Is How We Do It".

1-Bunch areas on old black jeans and pour a bit of Clorox on each. "When you're happy with the color rinse out the bleach, " says staffer Casamassimo.
(I wasn't even considering using black jeans, but seeing her creation now I may.)
2-Sand the knees and the fronts of the thighs with heavy grit paper.
(I've always used a cheese grater, now I'll go get some sand paper.)
3-Slice the areas you want ripped and pick apart the fibers in the weave.
4-Machine wash and dry your version-twice.
(Knowing me, I would have waited for them to dry and just worn them smelling like bleach all day...ditz.)

If anyone has other great tutorials on some DIY projects I'd love to see them. I'm always up for something new.



  1. Sounds like a good tutorial, i have been dieing to bleach my jeans...

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    And post some pictures if you DIY-ed it! :D


  3. Thank you for your great comment! Love your blog as wel!

    And that jeans is awesome. <3