Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Like I said in my last post, my sister got to have lunch with the guys from American Idol and the result is this picture. I'm not the biggest AI fan, I just can't imagine watching it week after week after week. Just announce the damn winner...sheesh! But boy do I love Adam Lambert. He was robbed!! He has such a baby face in that pic, I can't believe he's 27.

Anyway, was bored today and the ickky weather does not help so I made a quick trip to the mall. Made out only with a cute day dress from Forever21 (not yet on the website) and these shorts. Bought them in a few sizes too big so they'd be ultra baggy. Got a similar pair from Urban Outfitters a few days ago (triple the price) but I can tell I'm going to be living in my denim shorts this summer.

Yet with all the shopping I do, I still feel my summer wardrobe is lacking. Oy, the problems I face. Just kidding!



  1. YAY! Love adam lambert and ME of course. oh and obviously those shorts SIS but clearly my figure would not look awesss in them xx

  2. haha LLUVVzz ya sistaaaa

  3. Adam Lambert definitely has the bigger range but I like Kris Allen's voice better... And omgosh, I worry about my summer wardrobe lacking and then Chicago weather does a 180 on me and I'm back wearing jeans & sweaters. What???

  4. I don't watch american Idol, but thats cool that you got to meet them. Who wa syour favorite?

  5. Ahh! Your sister is so lucky! Great pic! Adam is so original, but I also loved Kris. They'll both have amazing careers though.

    xo, Becs