Monday, May 11, 2009

White Trash Chic

So now that the warm weather in NYC has started to stick, it's time to get my gams ready. That means shaving my legs regularly (I'm the girl that puts that task on the back burner during winter...unless you know there's a hot date involved wink wink), exfoliating and using my daily self tanner/moisturizer. (I prefer Jergens Natural Glow.) But this also reminds me that I need to examine my drawer full of shorts, in which I realize I don't have a drawer FULL of shorts. I have a drawer of SOME shorts.
It's not that I don't like showing off my stems, it's just that I don't usually like most styles of shorts from the past seasons. But I did dig up my fave go-to pair of shorts that I practically lived in during last summer: my mom's vintage Levi cutoffs. They're so worn in and distressed; they're perfect. However I want to make these babies last forever, so I figured I better stock up on some substitutes.
For a while now I've been craving everthing baggy, so why not apply that to my shorts? I love the ultra baggy shorts MK is wearing in the pics above. (Probably ultra baggy because she's ultra tiny..hey I'll just have to fake it.) I absolutely cringe when I see girls in super short tight cutoffs, like bottom of the cheeks are beginning to creep out...ick! I love the way MK pairs her baggy shorts with a loose tee. It looks effortless plus will keep you cool when the hot months approach.
I'm loving these Current Elliot ones from Singer22. And also these from Forever21 at a fraction of the price. I think the key thing here is the distressed look and cuffed hem. Denim shorts, like jeans, are so versatile that they can be paired with practically anything. I'm kind of digging the idea of pairing insanely baggy shorts with a wife beater. White trash city yeah! Plus how great are these also from Forever21.
Can't wait to get my hands on some baggy shorts. I'm thinking I may even cut up a pair of my mom's old vintage Levi jeans that are big on me. That could work too. Whichever ones you prefer just remember Glamour Don't: No Exposed Butt Cheeks. Ugh I cringe at the thought.
xx smile baby.


  1. Love the pictures- Love your shopping pics, and I'M SO JEALOUSS OF YOUR WEATHER!!

  2. Wow Mary-Kate looks so young in that first photo. LOL.

    Thanks for the comment, love. :)


  3. great photos, and yeah i want more denim shorts too! great blog. im following you now. is it ok if i link you?

  4. Yes baggy shorts are the way to go this summer ;)

  5. I love Marykate, her style is gorgeous!

    You have a great blog! :)

  6. I loveee these Olsen shots. Baggy shorts are definitely my go to piece for summer right now, they're perfect and casual but still cool! xx

  7. i love thoses shorts , i think everybody does,
    but yeah i want some more!
    i love the ones hilary is sporting.

  8. no exposed buttcheeks. hahahah that should be capitalized, bold, and underlined!

  9. Hate way short jean short shorts, have to agree, I cringe!!

  10. haha, your comment about leg shaving totally made my day, especially seeing as how it's 'winter fur' season down here right now! and seriously, exposed buttocks should be illegal.

  11. love the olsens in cut offs! it looks great on them.

  12. Hi, thanks so much for visiting us and your comment. Your welcome, we thought your bracelets were so cute...keep us posted on those!

    Love these grunge photos of the Olsens...and your Glamour Don't comment had us laughing out loud =)


  13. Looove MKO. Those Current Elliott shorts are hott.. just not for my wallet. :(

    xo, Becs