Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've kind of been obsessing over stacking my jewelry lately. I usually wear wrist loads of bracelets but my fingers are normally bare. Aside from my favorite Baccarat ring, which I don't wear that often due to fear of me somehow shattering it, I don't really have rings I like. I recently went through my mom's jewelry stand and found these gorgeous gold with diamonds stacking rings. Of course she won't let me wear them because I've already lost two of my three tri color gold rings. But I decided that stacking thin gold rings may be my new thing.

It's kind of weird but I like the whole gypsy look. I found for the time being in H&M a set of gold thin bands. They're cheap but will do for now. But I'm loving these from Bluefly.com by the brand Kevia. I like that they're square shaped, they look unusual. I'm also really loving these from MaxandChloe. Especially because they are tri color and I like to mix white gold with yellow gold all the time. I think mixing the colors gives it a more fun look.

With the rings I bought at H&M I, instead of piling them up on one finger, kind of dispersed them among three of my fingers. One finger has two rings and the other two has one ring. I think that's what's great about stacked rings, you can play with them all you want. And I like the idea of mixing them with other rings I have, not just all the same shapes and colors.



  1. i love all the jewelery in the picture!

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  3. i think looks awesome
    i cannot wear lots of necklaces, i feel that im gonna choke for reals, its scary , but rings lots of it looks really cool though.

  4. perfect stack :)
    thanks for the comment!


  5. i also love stacking on the rings!

  6. I wear stack rings. Love the ones from BlueFly.com!

    xo, Becs