Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Black & White

In a few weeks my sister is throwing another party at her place, but this time it's themed...Black & White. I'm pretty excited for the party since her first one was absolutely crazy (in a good way) and I haven't been "out out", as my friends and I like to say, in a while because of my bummed knee. But physical therapy has finally seemed to make a difference and I think I'm ready to put some heels on. I'm even more excited that my sister chose the black and white, however black and white isn't much of stretch for me since that seems to be my theme everyday.

Now even though it's a couple of weeks away, I have a lot of time on my hands since school's out and I don't seem to have an internship for the summer. So yeah I'm already scouting for outfit ideas. I'm really loving Lauren Conrad's outfit in this pic. It's totally feminine with the Shift Dress by Whitney Eve (aw how precious friends wearing friends designs...) yet it still has edge with the M by Madonna H&M Leather Jacket. It's really simple but it works. So that could definitely be an option. Of course I'd spruce it up with some cool shoes and accessories, you know the deal.

The other day I bought this skirt from American Apparel. I know everyone has it and I usually stay clear of that but I haven't seen anyone wear it in white, so why not!? I was thinking that could be another option but rather than pairing it with a typical black tank (I'd usually wear my Michael Star wife beater) I was thinking of wearing it with a white tank and risking all white. But I'd try pairing it with this black studded belt I have yet to wear (yes the one from the SATC movie) and some sort of fun shoes. I'm just afraid of risking the whole "butcher" or "ice cream man" look with the all white like I feared when I was younger haha. Hmm..we shall see, I do have plenty of time.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine consisted of tanning, pool, bbq, tanning, pool and more food. Oh and right now I am so jealous of my sister because she's having lunch with Adam Lambert (from A.I) right now with US Weekly..ohh and the winner is there too...errr..Kris Allen. She's kind of become buddy buddy with some "really important" guy that works there and always goes to these lunches and she's convinced him to get Robert Pattinson to be the next one. Now it's just setting up the date and he promised her she could bring me if it happens. AH!! I hope I hope I hope. Clearly an unhealthy obsession...err scratch that..infatuation. =)

xx baby


  1. i love the lauren conrad picture! i just noticed my blogger unfollowed me from your blog. weird! and yeah i speak hebrew well its my 1st language but somehow my english is a little better.


  2. OMG I adore Robert Pattinson, i am such a freak too!

  3. i love that skirt. they have some just like that at target for 10 bucks right now. in a bunch of colors too. i just got a few.

  4. black and white party - t minue 3 weeks xx

  5. Oooh, a black and white party is way fun. Reminds me of what they had done on an episode of Laguna Beach way long ago. I think if you go with the all white outfit and paired it with your black studded belt and a killer pair of black heels, you'd be good to go! And Robert has such pretty hair...

    xo, Becs