Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Babies

Here are some of the bracelets I was talking about that I make. It just started out as a fun hobby and now I sell them around. The picture quality isn't so great, so please bare with me. These are all made with glass beads.

These are definitely the most blurry, but it was the only picture that showed the colors.
Pink and Stone Grey 6mm. 'Good Omen', 'peace', and skull bead.

Orange 8mm beads with floral designs on the bead. 'Spirit' charm and the other says 'harmony'

Orange 8mm beads. Gold Hamsa charm with Star of David in the center.

Red 8mm beads. Harmony, Star of David, Hamsa charms. Plus my favorite 6mm beads with silver skull.

Brown 8mm goldstone beads. Cupcake and Happiness charms. Floral cloisonne beads on the first two.

Blue 6mm beads with silver skull and 'peace' bead.

Black 6mm beads. Ying-yang, peace signs, 'Good Omen' beads.

Black 8mm beads. Floral cloisonne beads.

These are some of the colors put together. The fun of them is being able to mix and match them all.

Again, some mixing and matching.

Thanks. Let me know what you all think of them. I'm planning to create some more designs for summer once classes finish. They all definitely look a lot prettier in person but it was the best I could do for now.


  1. Love the floral cloisonne beads !! I will def be picking up some of your bracelets!! How can I order/ buy some????

  2. Oh those are soooo cute!

  3. You made these?!?! Wow, awesome! So the peace signs and the Orange one with the 'Spirit' and 'harmony' charms...lovely!