Monday, May 3, 2010

i kept my fingers crossed

Yeah so I made a quick version of my own jogger shorts saturday. Since I was obviously pissed at myself for not buying the Uniqlo pair, I had to improvise fast. When I want something I need instant gratification. It's a disease. So I found a pair of buried college sweats, cut them up, rolled them up and stitched. Tada. I know it's such a major DIY (please note the sarcasm). But they came out cute and are baggy on me. I wore them out for a bit on saturday night since it was nice and breezy with a plain black sweater. No pics of my night out but I'll be sure to wear them out soon.

And duh, obviously you all knew I'd go there. Tonight's Met Gala in the city. HUGE! And look who showed up. Girl crush entact. Stewy is ferosh wear Chanel Haute Couture. It's extreme which is what the gala is all about. It's where you can pull off pointy boobs and almost showing your britney. And please, all I had to see was the black and I'm in love.
Also wanted to let you guys know that one of our clients, Zara Terez, is doing a giveaway with Purse Blog. If you live in nyc, come take part in a Handbag Scavenger Hunt! For five days (started today) Zara will be tweeting clues as to where you can find a bag all over Manhattan. Her bags are named after different yea you get the idea. And tomorrow if you decide to play you'll have to find ME with the bag! Whoever finds the bag first wins. So follow ZaraTerez for the clues. You have four more chances to win. If you don't live in NYC visit PurseBlog for another chance to win a Zara bag. So no one's left out =). The bags are super cool and who doesn't love a free bag?
xx happy hunting


  1. can't wait to see the joggershorts in an outfit post! i'm so jealous of your diy skills (: no srsly. i probably woulda cut them all wonky and then be forced to throw them out...

    awwwe i wish i lived in ny!!!

  2. love the shorts. i am just like you.. total instant gratification person. good for you!


  3. ahah im all about instant gratification, i have ruined many a garment by trying to alter it right then instead of waiting to buy something similar anew.

    i think i have an inappropriate crush on kirsten stewart, she is so badass and it makes a change to all the stupid bimbo actresses around. and she can rock some serious chanel <3


  4. It looks like you did a great job on the shorts. Very cute.

    That sounds like a fun scavenger hunt. Wish I was in NY.

  5. Cute shorts! :) And I'll definitely be looking out for those bags :)

  6. Ah, your DIY is fab! I cannot wait to see an outfit post with them! Now you've got me craving a pair of jogger shorts too!! :)

  7. i want a free bag and also i think is awesome what you did to your pants and now you have those shorts and yeah you have to take a photo of it.
    i think she looks amazing here. love that dress, love the sheerness in the bottom!

  8. yay those are so nice! and they look super comfy, which is a must :)

  9. Not too big on K. Stew's outfit. It was a tad too much for me.
    The shorts however are super cool. ;)