Tuesday, May 25, 2010

boy is a slag

How cool is my new Alchemy Gothic snake earring? Totally in love with the fact that it wraps around my ear. It's kinda creepy at first but that's what makes it special. And I'm not an earrings person, so I'm diggin this.

I chose to stay in my room rather than enjoy the sunshine.
Love how the paint came out super cracked...looks like it's been worn in.

Because I can't help but do a little cutting, I ripped the sleeves off. Ok so here's the thing. A bunch of you have been saying that I should start selling my tees that I diy so often and the idea is rapidly growing on me. This is my new one with my new favorite slogan between me and the bff Marley. I like that it's not too obvious what it means & gives it a bit of mystery. So I wanted to know from you guys would you be interested in buying this tee? However it would be made WITHOUT the phoenix..just the slogan. Or maybe even some personalized ones if it's not too overwhelming. I've always been into messy vintagey tees & really enjoy making them myself & would LOVE the opportunity to share it with you guys. I'd want to start selling them through my blogging probably by email with the details and all that. So is this something you'd be into? I know there's a lot of bloggers that sell their stuff which is awesome and I would like to be a part of that. Your feedback means the WORLD to me! I'm also coming up with some other phrases but won't know for sure until I actually make the tee. Also have to give a major shoutout to my buddy Isquisofrenia for giving me her opinion on matter.
xx let me know lovies


  1. I'd buy it :D might have to beg my father to let me use his paypal, but i definitely would!

    tee looks really nice! how much do you plan on selling them?

    and i'd love a personalized slogan! cuz then nobody else would have the same one as me, and they'd all be like "yo, where'd you get the tee?" and i'd be like "from my homegirl. check out her etsyyy" and i'll direct them to your page.

  2. ^^^ agreed! personalised slogans would be the best. i'd love to get one, though i am a jobless broke student so hopefully :) aaannd that earing is so sick, never seen anythiung like it!

  3. Cooool! and I love your earring!

  4. wow great t-shirt ;D
    You've amazing earrings ^^

  5. I love the way you put your own spin on all of your clothes - your DIYs rock!! :)

  6. i love the fact that you just ripped off the sleeves! i wannna learn how to do this ironing and stenciling but i cant!
    so if you do it, how much would you be selling your tees for?
    i think this one looks amazing,!
    your so talented girl!

  7. LOVE the earring - I've never seen anything like it - so cool.

    If I'm honest I would never wear a T-shirt with writing on - just a funny rule of mine. But I think the cracked/faded paint looks cool and I'm sure others would wear something like it.

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  8. love the earing! i want something like that, well the exact replica!! hahaha, it is kinda creepy but it is still super cool!

  9. oh my god! that earring is the shit... i love alchemy so much, and i need this in my closet like now!

    and about your tees. i think you should for sure try to sell them, why not? just start with a few. see if people want some custom shirts done first. test the waters. i put my store up and have only had 1 purchase but i don't have any of my diy's (other than jewelry). i had someone on youtube ask me if i would sell them one of my double c shirts the other day so you never know and your shirts are kick ass! do it!


  10. Yes yes yes! You should start selling those great shirts! I'm sure there are so many people who want to buy them :D Oh and I love that earring so badly! Just amazing!

    You've met Hugh Jackman?! Ahh now I'm jealous. Haha.

  11. Absolutely stunning earring, and cute DIY shirt!

  12. I love the diy tshirt! I would wear it for sure!

  13. love the snake earring very cool & awesome DIY tee that u made