Friday, May 28, 2010

we're soulmates

I just got back from seeing SATC2 with mum and lil jose (my younger sister..nickname..don't ask ha). We're huge fans of the show so granted we were going to enjoy it no matter what. The clothes were over the top & fun to look at. The story...yeah so it was cheesy. Trying way too hard to be more commerical...but hey at least they said fuck more than once in this one. Like the first one, there were several pieces I need to have in my life. Obviously in the first one that was the roger belt which I quickly got a replica of. Now..hello neck jewerly. Fell in love with the piece above. No idea who makes but I'm sure I'll find out soon. Plus Carrie wore this brown silk blazer (can't find a pic) in several seens....I neeeeeed it! Thrifting here I come. Plus we had one of our former clients' bags in the film....FIVE times. Pretty much I was playing spot the bag that I helped send over to sets =).
Also want to say thank you for your opinions about the tees and I'm really going to try and start selling them. Maybe start an etsy. As soon as something's up I'll obviously post it. But if there's something personalized you guys may want...all you have to do is ask either in a comment or email. I'd be happy to do it. Makes me smile knowing people think I'm somewhat creative. And remember several posts back I discussed an event I went to..well it was for a new website called StyledOn. I spoke briefly with the creators of it about starting up an online showroom of my tees on their site. So click the link..that's my profile. It's really a great site and I hope more of you join & we can follow each other there.
xx happy mem wknd.


  1. oh good i'm glad you are going to do it. it's so important to do something you love and create. yay! have a great weekend!


  2. Ha the film is outrageous! And so long! Love it though.

    Good luck with the tees.

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  3. This is a seriously great post,
    You have such a good blog. I love reading your new posts!! And thanks for you sweet sweet comment on my last post, i really appreciate it!
    Panda xx

  4. ooh! starting an etsy :D i want to open a shop too one day!

    {no, it's not about birds}

  5. Ah, I haven't seen it yet; but I desperately need that necklace. If I find a good replica you will be the first to know about it!! :)

  6. Loved the movie too! And it made me & my friend go shopping after haha,

  7. I haven't watched SATC! It hasn't been played yet here. I just want to see the clothes actually. Haha. Good luck for your shirts!

    Oh and yes I'm so happy that Coco tweeted me, it was a really good feeling haha. I want to meet Hugh Jackman! :p

  8. I am also in LOVE with the brown silk blazer. Does anyone know where it is from???

  9. thats awesome, gonna check that out and you must find it!!!(blazer)