Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hot guys, fly girls

Wanted to let you all know that one of our clients will be featured on TONIGHT's episode of MTV's The City! You'll get to see an exclusive interview with the designer of Jemma Wynne by Olivia Palermo for Elle.com. Jemma Wynne is a fine jewerly line that is absolutely stunning. Trust me it's hard to just "look" at the pieces. They refer to their line as the "cashmere hoodie" of fine jewelry..."rich but comfortable". So true.
These are a few pieces from their line. How gorgeous are the bangles? You could do some serious stacking and we all know I love a full wrist of bracelets. Don't forget to watch!! And I'd love to read your thoughts about the interview (I haven't seen it yet either) in a comment or even your own blog post ;)

Also went to a fun event last night with B.O. that was hosted by Ali from Charm & Chain for StyledOn.com. The space was incredibly decorated by Robert Verdi & was also the same location where Bethenny from NY housewives had her Skinny Girl Margarita event in the beginning of this season. Admitted housewives fan. Unfortunately I did not take any pics bc it was a last minute thing & was not prepared (not to mention in flats and felt so little). Although I have seen the pic taken of me and B.O. floating around...yea not pretty so it'll remain floating.

xx don't forget to watch


  1. I didn't get to watch it, I'll catch a rerun sometime this week. All of that jewelry belongs in my closet.... Please and thank you.
    I am loving the cocktail rings.

    Thanks for your comment, don't be a stranger!

  2. ill watch the city and i love the new header!!!!
    i want some wedges so bad!!!! hahah

  3. Sooo gorgeous. Can't believe I missed it ): Will definitely watch the rerun!

  4. Despite the fact that I have seen every single episode of Laguna Beach; and even watched the first few seasons of The Hills, I have not seen The City before. I will definitely try to catch the rerun! :)

  5. dont worry maybe you can ebay just like the one in the photo
    and ok girl have to go to the interview.ill let you know how it goes!

  6. I watched it, and the pieces are gorgeous! Sounds like an amazing event, one of my friends knows Robert Verdi - I bet it looked amazing!

    P.S. Are there any job openings where you work? :) I'm interested in a PR/Marketing job. missaudreyallure@gmail.com