Friday, May 21, 2010

i am not young enough to know everything

Mother f...I'm dizzy. Me attempting to be cool by shaking my head in that pick hence the black fuzzy face aka my hair. New rockin harley tee from ebay. The colors are bomb and it's so worn in...the only thing left is to make some holes in it. Love me some shredding.

The back. Love how the letters are peeling.

Not really in an outfit...more of I threw on the shirt & left on my beat up Jet sweatpants on which happen to be the most comfy damn sweats strictly for lounging purposes. Really feeling crafty at the moment & want to diy a tee with some stensils. Was also browsing another blog that uses stamps in the shapes of letters to do hers. I need some friggen stamps! I'm now starting to follow some of the muses' blogs from johnnysbird...thanks to twatter. (I swear I must have been a secret agent in my past life.) Some pretty awesome blogs with unreal inspiration.
xx wknd!


  1. there is nothing better to me than sweats. love them!


  2. Rad t-shirt and photos! I need to do some DIYs myself! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, mel

  3. That shirt rocks! The colors are amazing!! :)

  4. wicked tee, i love my favourites that i wear to death ;)

  5. I have been looking for a Harley shirt for ages, how much did you get your's for? So unreal and unfair.

  6. love it :]

    umm i can't wait to be old enough to join ebay... i know i know... i should be able to trick the system cuz i'm all that yeah... but hey i don't even have a credit card yet... i don't make enough money to OWN a credit card. anyway, my FATHER has an ebay account and he keeps bragging to me about it. (he "owns" a personal business and basically it's all he talks about... now ebay and paypal is dragged into our small very extremely small conversations as well...)

    i swear i was a caterpillar in my past life.

    love johnnys bird!!! pics are so inspiring. some are just freakyyy and i like that. it's like PHOTO OVERLOAD but a GOOD PHOTO OVERLOAD.

  7. Niiiice, love the tee and the sweats. Perfect combo in my book :)

  8. i've been in a crafty mood too...

    awesome shirt!

  9. i serioulsy need to get me a metal band shirt too
    i lookded on ebay but no luck
    they are hard to find, yours looks amaizng and you look so pretty here
    and i love the new header ,she looks gorg here
    you should make some shirts ,just like you do . so well and friken awesome!